Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

December 5, 2013

Boys are completely different creatures

By Samantha Stroube-Daviss
Corsicana Daily Sun

I get asked all the time if I wish I had a little girl mixed into to my brood of testosterone that is literally slung against the walls of our house on a daily basis. And my simple response is always, the truth, “I don’t think I would know what to do with a little girl”.
We recently went on a trip for the Thanksgiving holiday, and as I was walking through the airport I saw the cutest little girl carrying her baby doll under her arm. But then I turned to my right and saw my two youngest boys with their noses plastered against the big glass windows just drooling over all the airplanes taking off and taxiing around right before their big eyes, and it warmed my heart to know that even though they are rough and tumble (on a daily basis) I wouldn’t trade my three little men for the world.
We were lucky enough to spend the holiday in the mountains enjoying the first layer of snow and the crisp mountain air. But my boys’ idea of fun is having snowball fights (even in the middle of the resort village), and going on adventure hikes that follow the flow of the chilly creek that snakes through, around, and out of the resort village. Of course, all three of my boys were willing and able to try ice skating on the pond that isn’t completely frozen edge to edge just yet.
Not to worry - the professionals had the “safe zone” marked off for skating, but there is always that chance that a part of the ice may not be as secure as old mom would like it to be. Nonetheless, all three of them got out there and gave it a try. The 3-year-old immediately ran in the building and asked for a pair of “skaters” (skates), and the 2-year-old instantly took to the ice in his snow boots, running from one end of the ice to the other. The 11-year-old practiced his baseball slides on the ice and snow, only to soak every fiber of his jeans and sweatshirt to the core. 
But that, folks, is life with boys - there is never a dull moment. In fact, after we returned home from our adventure, we had a great day out in the gorgeous Texas autumn weather playing at the park all day and taking our dogs to swim in the frigid waters of Richland Chambers. And that was just a Sunday afternoon with our family.
As I said, there is never a dull moment in our household. A typical school night consists of our 11-year-old trying to focus on his homework, while I’m finishing up a load of laundry and cooking dinner. But on a recent evening, the two little ones managed to sneak out into the garage (that is closed and secure, of course) and bring their scooter and big wheel bike into the house. I was curious where this activity was headed, so I quietly stood back to observe their little brains in action.
And who knew - they created the one most dangerous game they could have come up with. Our house has about three small steps down into a den, and what did they do? But of course, they rode their scooter and bike down the steps over and over again. 
Keeping them under close observation, I stood there and just laughed hysterically, because they were laughing that incredible infectious laugh that all babies and toddlers have when they fill a room with happiness.
Then, not 30 seconds later, our oldest comes flying down the stairs armed with toy guns and crossbows, hitting the ground with an abrupt military role as if he were seeking out the enemy.
I sat there in amazement that their little minds can not only conjure up these activities (that may in fact do some serious bodily harm), but more that they have no regard to the fact that they could tumble head over heels down the stairs, or even hurt themselves with one of their toys.
With that said, I thank God every night when I go to bed for giving me the three most wonderful, energetic boys with the best imaginations a mother could ask for; all the while praying for their safety on a daily basis.
It’s a “mother of boys” prayer. It is simple, and short, and God knows exactly what you are asking of him.
“Please watch over my boys, and keep them safe in your arms.”
You know it’s funny - I really don’t know if I would know what to do with a little girl. I think God knows exactly what he is doing. I was in a store with one of my boys, and a lady asked if he was my only child. The store owner (who knows me well), chuckled and said “Nope, that’s one of three boys,” as she nodded in my direction, “and look - she’s still smiling,” she added.
All I could say is “I have a lot of under-eye concealer for all my dark circles.” And it’s the truth.
I don’t sleep much, I don’t get to put my feet up much, and I certainly don’t get to wear an outfit more than once before cleaning it.
But God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys.
- - - - -
Samantha Stroube-Daviss is a Daily Sun columnist. Her column appears on Thursdays. She may be reached by email at Read her blog at, and follow her on Twitter @SamanthaDaviss1