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June 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor 6/29/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Let the People Decide

To the Editor: It is very disconcerting that we live in a free society where the people have lost their voice. Although we are quick to criticize Washington, we the people, allow our local governments to do the same thing as Washington does: Spend our money without our approval.

In regards to the proposed renovation of the Navarro County Courthouse, the intent of Certificates of Obligation is for emergencies. When the responsibility of the elected body is to fund an emergency, they can do it quickly through Certificates of Obligations to protect the welfare of the citizens. The restoration of the Courthouse is not an emergency.

Personally, I am neither against nor for the restoration. I am for protecting the voice of the people. In my opinion, the issue should be put on the ballot for the people to decide. The lack of transparency of what this project will cost and the lack of effort to communicate these costs to Navarro County citizens are troubling. We the people want to be involved in this process.

The Commissioners Court is making a major decision that will affect our tax burden. The amount of the tax rate is unknown until we have hard numbers. The rate will also be determined by how long the Court decides to finance this project. It could be $0.02 per $100.00 valuation or more.

Navarro County’s State Representative co-sponsored a bill (HB14) that would require more transparency for Certificates of Obligations and to limit the abuse of issuing them in non-emergency situations. That message should be loud and clear to the Commissioners Court to put this on the ballot.

Please call the County Judge, your Commissioner and tell them that this should be a vote of the people.

Judge Davenport – 903-654-3025.

Commissioner Grant – 903-654-3031.

Commissioner Martin – 903-654-3032.

Commissioner Warren – 903-654-3033.

Commissioner Olsen – 903-654-3034.

Robert (Bobby) Vickery

Navarro County resident

Photo ID OK

To the Editor: RE: Congressman files suit to stop Texas voter ID law

Yes, it's true.

Democrat congressman Marc Velsey of Fort Worth and 7 others filed a federal lawsuit to stop Texas voter law to make it mandatory to show photo ID to vote. They say its discriminating against minorities.

I don't know how that could be true. There are lots of businesses that ask for photo ID when making purchases. How could that be offending to anyone? It's protecting us all even when our ID's could have been stolen.  

I believe there are a number of places that offer photo ID's at a nominal fee.  

It is a must this voter ID is defended. Our vote is our right and it is one of the most important rights we have.

Come on folks, put forth some effort and we all can make this happen. There are still many countries in the world that doesn't have the right to vote, they would give anything to have it.  

Let's be thankful for our great country.

Barbara A. Whitfield