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May 12, 2014

Class of ’57 fondly recalled

By Dick Platt
Corsicana Daily Sun

— I recently missed my high school’s annual “Blue and Gold” Alumni Dinner back in Winsted, Connecticut. It’s hard to believe that it has been 57 years since I graduated from Gilbert High School, but time does march on. My class has some kind of annual get-together every year and, sad to say, the last such function I attended was my 25th class reunion.

One classmate, Janet, has taken it upon herself to keep as many of us ‘57ers connected as possible. She regularly updates those of us on her mailing list of classmates’ activities, infirmities, and the inevitable passings. She arranged for classmate group seating at this year’s B&G Dinner and about a dozen folks signed up and many other folks regretted either because of logistics or the aforementioned infirmities. She attached several pictures of the attendees and it was fun trying to identify my fellow graduates some 57 years later.

I contacted Janet and let her know our new address and contact information and she, in return, let me know that there are nine of my classmates now settled here in Florida. I did provide her with my email address also, which she passed on to classmates. I have already heard from a couple of them. I do enjoy hearing from them by email but there will be no Facebook kind of action as I have an absolute phobia about that stuff.

One classmate, Marlene, said she was glad I have maintained my warped sense of humor, “...I see you haven’t changed over these ‘few’ years. Still have that crazy sense of humor that I remember from Gilbert.” Another wrote me that he enjoyed reading my rants but commented, “Your editor played a trick on you by putting up a picture of some “old guy.” Well, Norman, what you see is what you get and, like I said, time marches on and I have had many years of hard marches.

Years ago, when I started writing these rants, his worshipful editorship-in-chief, Bob Belcher, asked me if I wanted to include my email address in the byline and I opted not to. Although I wanted to maintain some remoteness from the readership, I very much value what feedback I do get — either passed through the Daily Sun or through the Facebook comments added to my rants on the Sun’s homepage. I would like to respond to some of the “Likes” and even the “Unlikes,” but that would entail logging into Facebook and that is just not going to happen.

One of the regulars who comment on the homepage rants is the beloved Ron Morgan. His comments are usually humorous, as is his alleged sports column in the weekend edition of the Sun. One comment really tickled me and it came after I had used a line in my column that said, “...conundrum (Ron’s new big word)...” Up popped Ron (with that big goofy grin)  in the “Add a comment” box with this question (wait for it, wait for it!): “Conundrum? Don’t they prevent social diseases among percussion instruments?” You have got to love Ron!

I saw another comment from Pat Weger where she asked about the insignia on my hat. She said it looked familiar to her but asked me to explain it. Rather than repeat, Pat, I request that you go to the Daily Sun’s homepage and type Dick Platt in the little “article search” block and you will find all my old stuff. Select the rant entitled “The Mug Shot” and all will be made clear. Thanks.

Getting back to reunions, let me quote from an anonymous poem I found entitled “Class Reunions.” The poem chronicles the evolution of 10-year reunions but I quote only from the later ones:

“At our next get-together, no one cared whether they impressed their classmates or not.

The mood was informal, a whole lot more normal; by this time we’d all gone to pot.

 By the 40th year, it was abundantly clear, we were definitely over the hill.

Those who weren’t dead had to crawl out of bed, and be home in time for their pill.

And now I can’t wait as they’ve set the date; our 60th is coming I’m told.

 It should be a ball, they’ve rented a hall at the Shady Rest Home for the old.”

So, a husband and his wife were seated at his 20th high school reunion. The wife could not help but notice that her husband was staring throughout the meal and program at a certain woman seated three tables away. The woman was obviously drinking too much of the wine and she was getting loud and very animated.

The wife asked hubby who the woman was that he had so much interest it. He replied, “That is Mary Anderson and we went steady all the way through high school. After graduation, everyone expected us to get engaged, but I decided to break it off and I left town. They tell me she has been drinking heavily like that ever since we broke up.”

“My goodness,” said the wife, “That was over 20 years ago — you would think she would be through celebrating by now!”

See ya...


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