Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 9, 2014

Some stories I’ve heard

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

— Sometimes, stories come to me second- or third-hand, but they stick with me and I just need to share them.

My sister deals with people with intellectual disabilities where she works at Mosaic, a Christian non-profit that provides community living and experiences for the mentally challenged. Mosaic sets up group homes and life-skills programs, and throws holiday parties, takes them bowling and swimming and to baseball games, that kind of thing.

The Mosaic clients aren’t kids, they’re adults with sometimes-kid minds. But when something goes amiss, the wiring gets crossed or chemicals don’t sift out right, the police get called, hopefully before anything gets too far out of control.

So, a week or so ago, the cops got called because one of the clients had a blow-out. He was screaming, upset, wound up and generally causing havoc. The police officer, Jovan Thompson, talked him down and no one got arrested or taken to the mental hospital in Dallas. Problem solved?

Yeah, except, the reason the client had the blow-out was because one of his Disney DVDs was missing.

Then Thompson showed up this week with a replacement DVD he had paid for out of his own pocket. I like to imagine this policeman going into Walmart on his time off to look through all the children’s DVDs to find just the right one to bring a smile to the face of a handicapped guy he met once under really bad circumstances.

How awesome is that?

Then, awhile back Robert Keathley told me about a lady who rescued a dog downtown. The little dog was sitting beside the statue of the oil patch worker, the one at the corner of Beaton and Sixth. The dog saw the statue and went over to hang out with it, sitting beside it as if it were his master. Robert was told this story by an office worker who watched it all from her window. Apparently, the dog would look up at the face of the statue, then back down at the traffic, then back up. Just looking for some direction, some acknowledgment.

After a while a woman in a car stopped to watch, too, and apparently called her husband, because the two of them took the dog home with them. I hope they got a great pet out of it.

A big-city reporter stopped by my office this week to pick my brain about the Jenkins story and he was terribly sympathetic about how small-town reporters have to do so much with so little. I just smiled and told him the truth:

I love this town. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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