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October 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor10/5/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Pool debate

To the Editor: A letter to Corsicana Mayor Chuck McClanahan:

I was saddened to read the story in the paper stating the city was planning to close the public swimming pools so that a for-profit water park located on the edge of town across an Interstate highway could make a little more money. These pools have long provided a valuable service at minimal cost for children who aren’t lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their backyard or to be members of the Country Club. The idea that these children can hop in the car, drive almost out of town, and access this private water park just as easily as they can go to their neighborhood pool is ludicrous.

This is a step in the wrong direction for the city. The city should be encouraging people to take advantage of their neighborhood parks and pools in order to build community and get to know their neighbors, not forcing them to get into the car and drive across town. At the end of the day, the children who need the park pools, the ones who can’t afford to go to the shiny new water park or who don’t have ready access to a car, will be the ones who suffer. They just won’t have anywhere to go swimming on a 110 degree summer day.

The closing of the park pools gives the impression that the city doesn’t really care about these children — that the city is more concerned with making money than with taking care of its less fortunate citizens. I don’t believe that’s true, and if it is, our citizens deserve better. Those pools have done a lot of good for regular Corsicanans over the years, and I predict they will continue to do so long after the for-profit water park has closed its gates.

Therefore, I strongly urge the city to reconsider its decision.


Neal Green Jr.

To the Editor: I read the article in Wednesday paper about the Water Park developer wanting the city to close city pools and it went on about how it would benefit the city and how much money they could make. etc.  

The article also disclosed that if the developer abandons the park the city could run it.  

While reading it I thought we must be in River City from the Music Man where we are going to have a band.

I have always believed that if something sounds to good to be true it usually is not true. I can see a lot of future cost and liability to the city if this rosy picture does not turn out.

Roy Messick

Economy concerns

To the Editor: The goal of fundamentally transforming America from a free, limited-government, capitalist nation to a restricted, controlled socialist nation like Russia, Cuba and Venezuela is almost complete.

All that is needed is a crisis, real or manufactured, to declare martial law (for the good of the nation, of course), dismiss Congress and the courts and send in the military to keep the peace.

The bankers and financiers (1 percenters) have been informed at the White House.

Another shutdown because of a failure to raise the debt limit (to borrow more money) could be the catalyst for an economic disaster ...

The colonists fought King George and won the Revolutionary War for independence. Will  we be slaves of the new King George?

Charles Lennon

Appreciates support

To the Editor: On behalf of the City of Corsicana Parks and Recreation Department and local fishing-angler Sam McCollum, we would like to thank the contributors to the 14th annual “Hooked on Fishing” event. It was a wonderful day with over 500 registered participants along with their families and friends, and the many volunteers. Congratulations to the tournament and raffle winners! A sincere “Thank You” goes out to: Jane McCollum, who year after year works diligently to ensure that Hooked on Fishing is a successful event. Thank you for all the late nights spent organizing, planning, and preparing for Hooked On Fishing. To our sponsors, A & J Lawn Care & Landscape, Brookshire’s Food Stores, C. L “Buster” Brown, Annie Lee Robbins Trust –Bank of America, Corley Funeral Home, Carmel Tackle, Kiwanis Club of Navarro County, Richie’s Auto Repair, Michael J. Crawford, AAA Bail Bonds, Lance and Kimberly Dubose, K & S Tire Towing & Recovery, Butler’s 1st Place Tint, Blake’s Boats, Brinson Ford, Allen Samuels Ford, Chuck's Paint & Body Shop, Citizen’s National Bank, Clear Signal Radio, Collin Street Bakery, Comal Tackle, Community National Bank & Trust of Texas, Community Water Co., Upland Bird Country, Frank Hull, Joe & Robin Ybarra, Texas Engines and Transmissions, Corsicana Bedding Inc., Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana Emergency Corp, Corsicana Fire Department, Corsicana Glass & Mirror Company, Corsicana Police Department,  Corsicana Monday Rotary Club , Crème Lures, Custom T’s & Sporting Goods,  Dr. Pepper Bottling Co., J. Tom Eady Charitable Trust–Community National Bank & Trust of Texas, Rena Fleming Foundation for Youth-Community National Bank & Trust of Texas, Gander Mountain, H-E-B Food Stores, I-45 Sales, 106.9 The Ranch, Karlik Catch & Release, Kohl’s Associates in Action, McKee Lumber, Mrs. Baird's Bread Co/Bimbo Bakeries USA, Navarro County Abstract Co., Berry Chrysler Dodge & Jeep, Hillock Foods Inc., Walker Realty, Jordan Paint & Body, Trucks Unlimited, True Value, Citizens National Bank, Haynie Energy Services, Cunningham Construction, Subway Restaurants, Guardian Glass Industries, Third Avenue Meat Market, Navarro Regional Hospital, Oil City Ironworks, Preferred Repair & Diagnostics, Russell Stover Candies,  Sardis Tire & Wheel, Action Signs and Banners, Wal-Mart Super Center,  Watkins Construction Co. LLC, Winters Oil Partners LP, Wooded Acres Campground, Robert York PC, and all the organized volunteers that assisted with registration, grilling and concession items, weigh-ins and the bait and tackle booth. Because of caring sponsors and the many enthusiastic volunteers, the 14th Annual Hooked On Fishing Event was another huge success. Again, thank you for supporting the City of Corsicana’s summer programs.

Sharla Allen, Parks Director

Sam McCollum, Tournament Director