Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

May 24, 2013

Baby Watch

By Deanna Kirk
Corsicana Daily Sun

— If you’ve not been concerned about the things happening of late, then I certainly can’t relate to you. Bombs at marathons, fertilizer plants exploding, killer tornadoes, and the latest thing that occurred in London.

Add to this some local tragedies of late, and I feel sure your hearts have been as heavy as my own for our brothers and sisters.

Here is what I have to say to this, then I will get off my box: If you’re a praying person, please pray. If you’re not a praying person, please start praying. Pray for our city, for our state, our nation and the world as a whole. Pray for your co-worker, your next door neighbor, the person in line by you at the grocery store.

I pray often, but the last week (almost exactly!) my mind has been a bit preoccupied with something good. Most folks know I have a precious grandson and granddaughter. But we are now on “baby watch” for number three, a boy baby this time.

Stubborn, thy name is Jaxon!

Last Friday, as I was preparing to go out to Relay for Life, my eldest daughter emailed me from work saying she had begun having contractions at lunch. I became very excited, thinking “here we go!” and began to make back up plans in the event I was not able to fulfill my duty of covering Relay for Life.

Mr. Kirk and I went to Relay for Life, (where we were on the Camp Gladiator/Team Dylan — I know Lea was so proud to have us wearing the shirts and representing ‘working out’) and had a grand time. Walked laps, took pictures, did lots of visiting, ate some goodies, and were listening to the Sloane McCain Band perform around 11:30 when we got a text from her saying she thought it was time ...

We said our goodbyes, rushed home, where I drank half a pot of coffee and took a shower (that night was ultra humid, and my hair had blown up like Mt. St. Helen). There, wide and awake now. Just in time for her to text and say the contractions had stopped and she was going to bed.

Primed with all that caffeine not to mention that humidity removing shower, I had to do something. Go somewhere. Something. I opted for giving myself a mani/pedi over tackling a mountain of laundry and finally fell asleep about 4 a.m.

Well, that messed up my entire weekend. That and a pipe that ruptured under my sink Sunday morning before church, but that’s another story.

All week long we’ve been on pins and needles waiting on this baby to show up. I’ve never seen anything like this before. These are real contractions, mind you — she’s dilating and so forth as she should — but I’ve just never seen this take quite so long to produce anything!

Perhaps the good Lord is teaching me/my family patience. Who knows, by the time you read this, we could be holding our newest little gift!

Or not ....


Deanna Kirk is a Daily Sun staff writer and editor of Explore magazine. Her column appears on Saturdays. She may be reached via email at Want to “Soundoff” on this story? Email: