Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

August 30, 2013

Hot off the press

By Deanna Kirk
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Long ago and far away (Corbet) when my girls were small, I got a bright idea to start collecting Wilton cake pans, and trying to make fun, fancy cakes. I never had any training, just sort of figured it out as I went. Though I never attempted making a homemade cake, (I knew my limitations) my cake mix cakes were good enough in my estimation because my focus was really on the decorating. I had a growing collection of colors, the squeeze bag, some tips, and was getting pretty proficient at “starring” the color on, and mixing the colors to look like the pictures.

I recall this one particular birthday when I made Lily a really cute cat cake, except I got the idea to freehand it into a calico cat like our real cat. The finished product looked more like shotgun blast victim cat cake, so I had to start all over and settle for a snow white cat.

But it wasn’t until my friend Natalie Cherry had two girls with birthdays days apart and wanted a Winnie the Pooh cake for one girl and pocahontas for the other — on the same day, mind you — that I had my fill of the “cake thing” and quit entirely. I couldn’t even tell you what happened to all my cake pans.

Well, let’s just say the “cake ladies” on the cover of this month’s Explore are way, way better than moi. These girls are artists.

I’ve known Kathy Collier Herron since we were little girls at First Baptist, but I confess I haven’t seen her much in recent years. It was great getting a chance to visit with her and see what she’s been doing ... and she’s been doing a lot.

Nonnie Farmer is someone I’d heard of for years (okay, people say we resemble each other but I believe I’m the old, tired version) but we had never met. When we got together for me to learn about her cakes we just picked up like we’d been friends forever. She is a hoot. And extremely creative and funny, too! I think you will enjoy the stories on these two super cool ladies.

We also have had occasion at the Daily Sun to indulge in cupcakes from some of our favorite cupcake places, Aguado’s and Bittersweet Boutique. In Explore, we have a bit of information on what you can expect at each place. Let me add to that info on Aguado’s that last Friday, Aug. 23, Sonya Aguado informed me that the restaurant will now be open on Saturdays. Whoo hoo! Now folks who work out of town during the week can taste their fare on weekends.

I’ve had really awesome burgers and salads at Aguado’s, but I have to say, those pink champagne cupcakes are the bomb. Check ‘em out.

Also this month in the September Explore we have a moving story about a boss and an employee, and a totally unique relationship they have now as a result of a major life event. Don’t miss this story called Ultimate Teamwork.

Bob Belcher caught up with the new president of Navarro College, Dr. Barbara Kavalier. Their visit yielded some interesting information, which he has shared with our readers of Explore.

A few of our hot rod enthusiast friends had the opportunity this summer to take a sojourn across seven cities, and were kind enough to share some of it with our Explore readers.

Lots of great photos from events during July and August are joined by tips from Lea Dominy on how to beat the heat when working out, and Frank Means takes us on a little “acoustic wine down.”

Happy reading!


Deanna Kirk is a Daily Sun staff writer and editor of Explore magazine. She may be reached via email at, or you may sound off on this column at