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August 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor 8/31/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Treasurer speaks out

To the Editor: The Office of County Treasurer in many counties also acts as the Human Resources Department (HR). That was the case in Navarro County when I took office in 2011. As we all know, HR is a critical function of any business or government entity.

Reviewing past budgets, however, I could not find budgeted HR money specifically allocated for continuing education on personnel issues or staff allocated to focus on this topic. It seems HR has been handled in the past as can and when can in the Treasurer’s Office.

Navarro County has almost 300 employees and according to the Chamber of Commerce is the seventh largest employer in Navarro County. The cost to the taxpayer for personnel and benefits is almost $14,000,000 each year. There are numerous state and federal laws that must be understood and navigated to abide by the law to prevent fines and litigation. HR is a critical issue for the county.

Personnel (HR) is the responsibility of the Commissioners Court. The court can delegate this duty to someone under their supervision. I researched with the County Clerk to determine if the Commissioners Court had ever delegated their personnel authority to the Treasurer’s Office. I could not find any such directive from the Commissioners Court. I can only assume over the years the Treasurer’s Office has been attempting to do a function not authorized or properly funded by the Court.

To resolve this critical issue, I proposed in this year’s budget a modest increase of $33,000 in the Treasurer’s budget to specially address the HR issue. The budget increase was specifically added for continuing education in personnel issues and assignment as part of their duties to an employee specializing in the HR function. I also requested a court resolution to authorize the Treasurer’s Office, under the direction of the court, to act on matters relating to personnel for the court.

As your Treasurer, it is my duty to protect the assets of our county. If the Treasurer’s Office is to properly function as HR, then it is my duty to have the personnel and budget to get it done professionally.  

Properly managing the HR function is a critical issue to protecting the assets of Navarro County. If you agree, please let your commissioner and the judge know about it.

Frank Hull

Navarro County Treasurer

Giants of Navarro County

To the Editor: We know some of the giants who passed through Navarro County such as John Collins, the Stroubes, the Wheelocks, the Whites and the Albrittons and we have many living among us today. One of them is silently moving on this week.

Dr. Richard Sanchez will be stepping down as President of Navarro College. Dr. Sanchez has quietly moved a sleepy junior college of 3,400 students into a major junior college set up for continued growth of 11,000 students.

Grant you the vision he cast was approved by an exceptional board of directors but the dream and execution was because of Dr. Sanchez.

Sometimes we don’t see the giants among us but the footprints they leave behind are easily seen. Thank you Dr. Sanchez from all who have known you and those whose lives will never be the same for what you did at

Navarro College for all generations. May God bless you and Angie greatly in the next chapters of your life.


Terry Fauble

Appreciates service

To the Editor: This is to Mr. Roy French at French’s Texaco.

Thank you for your good service.

We older women love your service. We feel safe after we leave your gas station.


B. Bonner