Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

February 13, 2013

Of hearts and diamonds and lumps of coal

By Raymond Linex II
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Who knew Valentine’s Day would be so interesting. Well, I guess we did more than a month ago.

By now, most people who actively read the Daily Sun, in print and online, have heard the story of my wife. Heart attack Dec. 17 thanks to a rare heart condition. Double bypass Dec. 18. And subsequent recovery that has gone extremely well. Seeing her today one would be hard-pressed to believe what she’s been through. Sometimes it’s like a caged tiger let loose.

Tanya’s hard to keep down.

For Valentine’s Day, a follow up to see her surgeon is on the docket. Sounds somewhat peculiar, a heart patient seeing her surgeon on a day known for its overuse of the heart as an object of affection.

Back on Jan. 10, when we saw her surgeon for the first time after her six-day hospital stay, it was the first date for a second visit the receptionist threw out. Almost immediately, and somewhat sheepishly, she tried to recant and pick another day.

We had none of it. We laughed a little, smiled, and said, “That’s the perfect day to come back.”

Her heart will always be at the center of our marriage now, and Valentine’s Day will always remind us how lucky we are she’s still around.

Now if I could only find one of those little candied hearts that says, “Tiger on the loose.”


Regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on, the state of politics in our country probably has your stomach in knots. I am trying to remember a time in my 43 years where the country seemed so divided, and Washington seemed so vile. There seems to be very little to be positive about.

It seems like that type of thinking is contagious.

Take Corsicana, for example. A week ago, at the Chamber banquet, Mayor Chuck McClanahan “broke” the news that our little town is getting a water park. (I put “broke” in parenthesis because I know it found its way on Facebook earlier in the week, but we honored an embargo of the story.) The overwhelming reaction was positive.

On Saturday, we posted a question on our Facebook, playfully asking for naming suggestions. Most of the people who commented, and a lot did, came up with great names, and most of them, again, seemed to be thrilled at the prospects the water park could bring.

But there were a few who took shots at both the project and our town. Why?

It reminds me of the road construction in town. Yes, it’s mind-numbing at times, and it’s an inconvenience, but it seems like some people want to complain if the roads are filled with pot holes, and complain when something’s being done about it.

Don’t complain about our town not growing, then complain when someone stands to invest $9 million or more in it.

Of course, some took to our stories about the water park on our website to complain about pot holes.


Speaking of hearts, at heart, I am still a sports writer. It’s the reason I am in the business, and it’s one of those things you can’t shake. A former regional manager called sports the toy box of the newspaper, and he’s right.

All that said, pitchers and catchers reported to Major League Baseball spring training complexes this week.

Enough said.


Raymond Linex II is publisher of the Corsicana Daily Sun. His column appears on Thursdays. He can be reached at Want to “Soundoff” on his column? Email: