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July 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor 7/27/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— In Memory of Sharon Barlow Nabors

To the Editor: Saturday, July 20, 2013 would have been my only daughter’s birthday. But she had cancer.

Her cancer medication was stopped and her breast cancer started spreading, but she kept fighting against the cancer and its pain. Her pain got so bad, I couldn’t hold her in my arms to comfort her, because she couldn’t bear to be touched.

But she was never alone, she knew we were all there for her.

She was so tiny, but she could and would fight any of her many problems that came into her life, and she had more than her share during her illness.

Sharon loved life and loved people. She made everyone she met her friend, and they were a friend to her. And she had so many. Her home was always full of her family and friends.

She loved God and her new Christian life with “church family” at Lonestar Cowboy Church. She would greet everyone with that great big smile, even when she hurt. There are many kinds of cancer, but Sharon’s cancer and side effects of medication was the worst of anything I have ever seen.

I want to thank everyone again for standing by her through everything and helping her so much, and thank you Kay Ovalle and all of the Corsicana and surrounding areas for the continuing cancer drives and the work you all do to keep fighting for the cure. One day they will find this cure and no one else will have to go through what Sharon did.

Sharon’s family remembers all that her friends and everyone did for her and we will never forget. We love you all.

She would have been 53 this birthday, and I love and miss her so much.


Othera Carpenter Barlow

Kudos to CDS

To the Editor: Some commendations for Janet Jacobs and Deanna Kirk from the last Weekend Edition:

First, Janet Jacobs. Already an admirer based on her “super reporter” ability, often landing on front page in multiples, I look forward to her creative writing opportunities in the Weekend Edition.

Last week, I smiled, chuckled and laughed seeing her bee-stung lip and hearing the office ladies’ check-ins. Janet Jacobs is a tremendous asset to Corsicana — very pleasant, very versatile ... You all keep taking good care of her.

Speaking of Janet, I recently read the book produced by a metroplex-based writers group, edited by her. It is called “Out of our Minds” and is available at the public library. The book shines with a variety of genres.

Secondly, Deanna Kirk, the voice for Christian faith — a local person as positively influential as Rececca Carrell on KCBI-FM’s morning show. As a writer of inspirational, faith-affirming purpose myself, I always read Deanna’s work. Her piece produced from a conversation with Jane Biltz grabbed me and would not let me go. The piece flowed beautifully and sparkled with perfect precision about Jane’s importance to Corsicana. When my mother Sylvia worked as director of the Navarro Council of the Arts from 1983 to 2000, I was not living here. However, I came to know Jane Biltz through my Mom’s narrations. At the right times, Jane would pop into Mom’s office with comfort and encouragement.

Thank you, Janet and Deanna. Keep up the great work.

Stephen Bonin