Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 16, 2013

That time of year

By Deanna Kirk
Corsicana Daily Sun

— Lions, tigers and bears — oh my!

Not exactly, but soon we will see rabbits, chickens and steers — and llamas, and goats, and swine ...

Yes, folks, the Navarro County Youth Exposition is now upon us, with the first event (the food competition) to take place bright and early Monday morning. I don’t know about you, but I love the week that is youth expo. Yes, for us here at the paper it very well could be the most labor-intensive week of the year, as we attempt to provide the most thorough coverage possible.

I love seeing the kids out there first thing in the morning with sleepy eyes and rumpled hair, then a few hours later when they’re about to walk into the show ring and shined up, blinged out and gussied up to look their best.

I love watching folks from all over the county who see friends from the other side of the county only this one time per year, and have a year’s worth of catching up to do.

I love watching little tots play in the shavings and get covered in dirt from the arena.

I love seeing kids whose hard work of an entire year is finally rewarded with a shiny belt buckle, a ribbon, platter, healthy check from the sale, and a bit of recognition for a job well done.

And what I really, really love is knowing that so many adults have taken a week of vacation from work to come to the barn and work harder than they may work all year long to make this show great for our kids.

Teamwork. Cooperation. Giving.

That’s what makes our community great. What makes this a wonderful place to live.

So, any of you who have somehow not made it out to a youth expo before (or the “county show” as the ag folks call it) come out and see what it’s all about. Hang out, eat some nachos, and visit a while. See how great our kids in Navarro County are — and what awesome adult volunteers we have, too.


So, my step-daughter went on a trip over spring break, and left her two fish with her daddy and me.

She has a dog too, but our dog is somewhat territorial, and historically has not been nice to other dogs who ventured on to the property. So her dog went to a kennel.

Lately my kids have expressed horror at the fact Rocket is looking more like a pot-bellied pig than a Boston Terrier. I don’t know if it’s his diet or his sedentary lifestyle, or a combination of both.


Jordan didn’t come get her fish immediately upon returning to town. I dare say if she leaves them much longer, she may not recognize them.

Oby and Frenchy ceased looked quite so anorexic, and it turns out Mr. Kirk and I were both feeding them.

You know, we love to have visitors. Just be careful about staying too long — things seem to get super-sized at our place.


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