Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

February 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor 2/9/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Presidential thoughts

To the Editor: The Corsicana Daily Sun reported President Barack Obama’s second inauguration (Jan. 22 issue), where he called upon Americans as “one nation and one people” to unite together and embrace his liberal agenda.

I was somewhat amused to read that President Obama had not seen the bronze Martin Luther King Jr. bust, which has been displayed inside the U.S. Capitol Rotunda since 1986. The President should spend more time there, to work with Congress.

President Obama swore on two Bibles to execute the Constitution, but he considers both to be irrelevant. That Friday, Jan. 25, before the week was over, a D.C. Court of Appeals three-judge panel ruled against the President for seating four of his nominees whom the Senate had blocked: three to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and one to the Consumer Financial Bureau. This is a violation of the Constitution separation of powers. The President cannot make “recess” appointments when the Senate is not in recess.

Obama’s inaugural address was more like a campaign speech. Yet, after four years, his words must be matched with action. He said, “We must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of healthcare and the size of our deficit.” In the past four years, spending has been out-of-control and America’s debt has skyrocketed. Four years and a $1.2 trillion stimulus bill, unemployment has grown from 7.3 percent to 7.8 percent. There is no bipartisan outreach in his speech, to get these accomplished in the second term.

Instead, it was wrong to link the homosexual civil rights movement to that of African-Americans. He mentioned the gay uprising at the Stonewall Inn of New York City’s Greenwich Village on June 28, 1969, as a watershed mark, within the same sentence as the Selma Al Pettus Bridge clash on March 7-9, 1965. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. heard that discrimination based upon the color of one’s skin was being compared to sexual sin, he would turn over in his grave.


Steven L. Jessup

Appreciates care

To the Editor: My husband was recently in Navarro Regional Hospital...

We were both a little worried. No need.

He went in through the Emergency Room. Within 15 minutes of arrival, he was put in a treatment room. Less than an hour later, he had already had a CT scan, chest  x-ray,  central line IV and cath on board. He was admitted and moved to a room within three hours of arrival.

The ER staff was really great. Same goes for all the staff on second floor. He was in for six days, and the treatment he received never wavered. He was treated with respect dignity and compassion.  

I just want to let you all know, they were awesome.  

Thank you to all the staff, you are appreciated. Bless you all for our minds and his pain.

Donna Picone

Proud of Scholten

To the Editor: Corsicana can be proud of her native daughter, Ashley Scholten, who is currently serving as President of the Student Government Association for Junior Colleges.  

Her address on the capitol steps was well thought out and touches on many issues that affect our college students today.  

She is to be congratulated for being our ambassador from Corsicana. It is not often that a local citizen can make a state-wide impact on issues and Ashley has certainly done that.

 Paul Tannehill