Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 1, 2013

Off to the movies

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

— Last summer was the year of the movie at my house. I got one of those Blockbuster passes that let you have unlimited movies so long as you only rent one movie at a time and I checked out a new one almost every single night.

I definitely got my money’s worth.

I kept the pass even after my regular TV shows started up again in the fall, and I still get at least one movie each week. It’s probably not worth the money at that rate, but then there are weeks like this past one. I saw the Oscars on Sunday and was reminded that it was time for some catchin’ up.

I saw “Skyfall” on Monday night. Definitely one of the better Bond movies. I like the Bonds of the past, but this Bond has a soulfulness that’s been lacking for a few Bonds. Of course, the action and stunts and explosions were there, it’s a Bond flick, after all.

On Tuesday, it was “Argo,” which won for Best Picture. I didn’t see most of the other movies nominated in the category, but this was a fantastic movie. I was on the edge of my couch, yelling at the TV and practically hyperventilating as I tried to “coach” the actors portraying an event that happened 33 years earlier on how they should proceed. I’m not that stupid, it was just that good of a movie.

I was a teenager when all this went down, but I still remember what a crappy time this was in our history. In hindsight, it wasn’t as bad as things could and would get, but at the time it seemed that our superpower nation had been brought to heel by a bunch of unruly college students with guns. And suddenly, the Canucks had pulled a fast one. For a little while, Canada was cool and not in an ironic way. Nice to know that it was our very own Ninja Turtles who played the biggest part in the action.

Honestly, some of the best movies I’ve seen this past year weren’t the big mega budget films, though. If you’re looking for something fun, try one of these little-budget movies: “Butter,” “Ten Items or Less,” and “Trout Fishing in Yemen.” They weren’t nominated for anything, but they were smart, funny movies that left me feeling happy for having seen them.

We also rented “Flight,” recently, which was nominated for two Acadamy Awards but didn’t win. If you’re really well-adjusted, have never known anyone in your life with a substance abuse problem, or have never gotten on an airplane, if you don’t ever watch or read the news or have never stubbed your toe painfully, you might like “Flight.”

Pretty much everyone else will hate it. Denzel Washington is a wonderful actor, but even he shouldn’t have the right to torture his fans like this.

I feel vindicated that it didn’t win any Oscars. Me and Hollywood? We’re sympatico, Baby.


Janet Jacobs is City Editor of the Daily Sun. Her column appears on Saturdays. She may be reached by email at Want to “soundoff” on this column? Email: