Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

December 13, 2013

Morgan: There's No D in Dallas

By Ron Morgan
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — The Fort Worth Star Telegram on Wednesday morning may have had the greatest headline I’ve ever seen. Above a story by Clarence Hill was the headline: “allas.” It was a report on the Cowboys’ missing ‘D.’ The Cowboys are making history this season but not in a good way. The defense for our local heroes could well end the season as the all-time worst in the long and storied history of the NFL.

But, hey, never let it be said that I would badmouth Jerry’s guys without offering a solution. My idea on improving the team? Trade punter Chris Jones for a defensive tackle or anyone who can play on the defensive side of the ball. Why? Because, I see no need for the Cowboys to punt again this season. Why punt? When they do, all they are doing is giving the opponent a better than even chance of scoring points. Punter? We don’t need no stinkin’ punter.

I think I mentioned the other day that the new word of 2013 was selfie. It’s everywhere. Did you see the one of President Obama taking one of himself and the prime ministers of Britain and Denmark at Nelson Mandela’s funeral? I don’t blame him. The Danish PM is the first hot world leader since Marie Antoinette (as least I heard Marie was hot). Check out the look on the First Lady’s face during the photo. It’s a classic.

I’ve figured it out. I think Miley Cyrus is the new Honey Boo Boo. You know how we love to watch train wrecks. That begs the question: Does that make Billy Ray, “Mamma June” aka the human thumb?

I thought I’d throw this in for all the Romo haters out there. Last Sunday on the NFL Today, I watched Michael Strahan and Howie Long discuss Tony. They both compared him to Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and other great quarterbacks. Strahan was especially strong in his praise of our QB because he’d had to prepare to face him. Both said Romo could make something out of nothing.

While you’re waiting for the Rangers to sign that big hitting outfielder, remember this: Jon Daniels has a blueprint. That blueprint is based on the draft. Signing one of the big free agents would cost them a first round draft choice. While resigning Nellie Cruz wouldn’t cost them a draft choice directly, it would cost them. If they do resign him, then they won’t get the first round choice they would if another team signs him. JD won’t tear up the plan to overpay a free agent.

If not for the Oklahoma State game, the Baylor Bears would be playing in the BCS Championship game. Try as I might, I can’t quite understand the BCS system. The Monsters of the Heart of Texas are going to the Fiesta Bowl to play who? The University of Central Florida beat SMU to win their conference, so that gets them a game with one of the top five teams in the nation. Go figure!

Have you seen the Mavericks play? They’re good. I don’t mean they’re good for a team that missed out on the top tier free agents. They’re just plain good. Jose Calderon is a first class point guard. When Devin Harris gets back, they will have quality depth at that spot. Monta Ellis is a hoss; a bonafied stud. And Dirk? Dirk is back to being the Dirk of the championship season, in other words “Hall of Fame” Dirk.

I love Art Briles. Now, I’ll admit that I used to sit in the stands when CHS was playing Stephenville and talk trash about the man. But, I have to admit, I love the fact that he is a throwback. I don’t mean that he lives by three yards and a cloud of dust (if you’ve watched Baylor you know that’s not the case). I love the fact that he has worked his way up starting on the high school level like coaches used to do.

He has just signed a new 10-year contract to stay in Waco. The only problem is that the contract lets him opt out. Like most contracts, it’s a one way street. It commits the university, but leaves him options. The one option that should scare, not the Bear fans, but Art Briles himself is the option known as the Washington NFL football team with the racially insensitive name. You know it would be tough to turn down an NFL head coaching gig, especially one that would reunite him with Robert Griffin the Third. But, Art: DON’T DO IT. Why? Two words: Daniel Snyder. If any owner in the league makes Jerry Jones look like a football genius it’s the Deadskins’ owner.

If the Cowboys leave Dallas without the “D”, Daniel Snyder leaves Washington “class” without the C&L.