Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

October 29, 2012

Point After: For the Tigers, the glass is half full with win streak

By Chuck Williams
Corsicana Daily Sun

  — A glass half empty kind of person calls it 3-5. A glass half full kind of fan calls it 2-1.

Call it what you will, but the two wins and one loss in District 16-4A are what matters most in regards to getting to Game 11. In the scheme of things, it’s pretty much what it’s all about, securing a spot in the state 4A football tournament that begins in under three weeks.

On the docket for the surging Tigers is a trip into deep east Texas to face an undefeated Whitehouse team. If this team is interested in converting some glass half empties to some glass half fulls, Friday night is their grand opportunity.

The Tigers jumped on Lindale the second the whistle blew on a somewhat chilly Homecoming 2012 game. In the first 13 seconds of the contest, the Tigers caused a fumble and then executed a perfect stretch play for 34 yards and a one touchdown lead.

The homecoming king was announced before the game, the homecoming queen at halftime, and the homecoming victory was a formality before Lindale settled for a white flag field goal trailing 40-13 late in the game.

On a night where the Tigers completed two passes, and the starting quarterback was the recipient of one of those passes, it became apparent what this 2012 team is all about. Football is a game. To modify a line from one of the greatest movies to ever be produced: “The Tigers are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to see when game time arrives.”

You might see a starting defensive lineman playing running back. You might see the starting wide receiver lining up and throwing to the starting quarterback who used to be the starting linebacker. And then you might just see the starting quarterback roll to his left, check down from option one and hit the tight end for a touchdown.

“I turned and faced Zach and realized Bobby was blocking,” said tight end Tiano McDonald referring to his quarterback and wide receiver. “Bobby was option one and Zach checked down to me and I just caught it and headed for the end zone.”

Amongst the challenges of losing their starting quarterback and then playing in the shadows of one of the most successful seasons of the modern era, this team has found their niche.

Everyone chips in and no one is pigeon holed into one particular spot. In other words, they go out and play a game, and if coach figures you might be able to help somewhere, then you’d better be ready.

“Someone was telling me if I returned the second half kickoff for a touchdown, we might get to eat pizza,” said safety/running back Donovan Fields who hadn’t normally lined up to receive the kickoffs on Homecoming 2012 night. “Bobby set a good block left and I just took off.”

I wonder what kind of pizza they ate, because Fields took the opening kickoff of the second half to the house.

This team figured out how to have fun and turn a game back into a game. I can’t wait to see who does what against Whitehouse this Friday. Glass half full or glass half empty, you can’t say it’s been boring.

“I do whatever the coaches need me to do,” Fields said. “It feels good to get this win. It was fun.”