Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas


September 7, 2013

Morgan: Contradictions ...They're everywhere

Corsicana — Do you ever pay attention to contradictions in life? Some things just make no sense if you stop and think about them. It’s just that we seldom stop and think.

For example, why are hot dogs so good for supper at a Rangers game when they make us frown if that’s what we’re offered at home for our evening meal? (And, why do you have to be old to know what the word supper means? I say supper, and my grandkids have no idea what I’m talking about. I get the same puzzled look as if I’d asked them to “dial” the phone.)

Have you noticed that a lot of the people defending Johnny Manziel are the same people who once got all over people like Vince Young or Ricky Williams when they were at UT? I keep reading the same arguments about how he’s only 20 years old and simply needs to mature. I wonder how they reacted to 20-year old Miley Cyrus and her “twerking” on national TV earlier this week. A contradiction?

I don’t want you to think I’m anti-Aggie. Most of you know that my daughter is an Aggie, and I’m a huge Aggie fan. Last year’s Alabama/A&M game was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It has nothing to do with Aggies. Contradictions are in every avenue of life.

Take a look at Syria. Antiwar democrats are suddenly in favor of attacking Assad. Normally hawkish republicans are suddenly peaceniks. What made Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld possible war criminals makes the president a Nobel Peace Prize winner. People who used to raise cane about the indefinite confinements at Gitmo have grown strangely quiet about that with a change in White House residents. (As goofy as I think Code Pink is, I have to give them credit for staying consistent.)

The U.S. is reportedly going to help Mexico bolster its southern border to stop illegal crossings from Central America. So, it’s okay to stop illegals from entering Mexico coming north? Do I even need to mention what the contradiction is?

After the last baseball strike, attendance at major league games dropped significantly. A wink and a nod toward steroids was okay if it fueled an unprecedented home run binge for a few years to put butts back in the seats (Sosa, McGuire, Bonds). Now that attendance is at record highs, the league is determined to put a stop to it. It’s an “integrity of the game” sort of thing.

Mexico and Brazil are upset because Edward Snowden (who is either a hero or a traitor, depending on which contradiction you’re looking at) leaked papers revealing that the NSA is spying on them. Duh, everyone knows that’s what the NSA does. We just didn’t know they were also spying on us. Mexico and Brazil should be mad at their own spies for not knowing that until Snowden told them.

Kiss cams are now heterosexist? There is a growing complaint about the traditional “kiss cam” at sporting events because it only focuses on hetero couples. Okay, I can agree that it does. However, how does a camera operator figure out who is homosexual and who just happens to be sitting next to someone of the same sex? Should everyone be forced to wear a badge identifying their sexual preference? I’d like to see how that would go over. Remember Hester Prynne in the “Scarlet Letter?” (Or Chuck Conners in Branded for those of you less literarily inclined).

With all the talk about concussions these days, how would you like being an athletic trainer? The question is to whom does he or she answer? Does the trainer answer to a team doctor in determining when it’s safe to return to the field, or does he answer to the coach whose job security is determined by wins and losses? I’m sure Bernie Camarillo can identify with that, and I have a stepson in Florida who is faced with it, I’m sure, on a daily basis.

So, it depends on which end of the looking glass you’re looking through. Johnny Football is either a misunderstood, still wet behind the ears kid, or he is the son Billy Ray Cyrus never knew he had. However, I’ll bet you one thing. I’ll bet Tom Wilson is glad he’s just dealing with tax rates and zoning laws, and that Kevin Sumlin is dealing with Johnny and the Aggie Nation. There’s no contradiction there.


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