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September 9, 2013

Tiger Tuesday: What’s the point in running up the score?

Corsicana — Thought about my ex-wife, Peggy, at the end of the Cowboys game Sunday night. Tony Romo takes a knee to end the game and I tell my brother and the other people I’m watching the game with that Peggy had a name for that play.

She called it the “Roger Staubach play,” because Staubach did it so many times when he played for the Cowboys.

He did it because Staubach has class, because the man he played for, Tom Landry, had class.

Landry had tons of class.

Unfortunately every coach doesn’t.

I’ve seen it for years, and witnessed it Friday night. Red Oak had Corsicana beaten, 42-21. There was less than a minute left in the game and Red Oak had the ball on the Cana 1-yard line.

The Hawks went for it, and scored.

OK, so the final is 49-21. What’s the point? Why do coaches do that? Take a knee and have some class. Teach your kids to have a little class.

You can’t blame Red Oak for feeling a little red-faced about playing Corsicana. The Hawks are usually on the other end of the scoreboard. They started playing Corsicana in 1986 and went 0-9 until finally beating the Tigers in 2007, and then lost district games to Corsicana in 2010 and 2011 before beating Corsicana twice last year.

I’m sure some of those losses to Corsican stung in the past.

But why rub it in? Why punch in a needless touchdown?

I don’t like it at any level, but especially at the high school level.

How much better does the coach and his team look if he just tells the kid to take a knee?

I’ve heard the argument that the backups who are in the game at the end of a one-sided game work hard in practice and they deserve to get into the end zone.

It’s a matter of rewarding the younger kids on the team.

I don’t buy it.

It’s a cheap excuse for coaches who like to add points on scoreboard in a game that’s already been settled .

Aren’t coaches teachers? Don’t they work for the educational system? So what are they teaching with the rub-it-in-your face touchdown?

I can’t tell a coach what to do, but I can sure tell the UIL what it should do.

Why doesn’t the organization that governs high school sports in this state do something about it?

How about a fine for every coach who rubs it in, and how about some basic rules of conduct and sportsmanship for the men who are coaching these kids?

Don’t throw a flag on a kid on the field for unsportsmanlike conduct and then let a coach get away with the most unsportsmanlike thing he can do.



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