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November 22, 2013

Morgan: Thinking about No. 14, and others

Corsicana — Since the start of the NBA season, Dirk has passed both Jerry Lucas and Reggie Miller on the all- time scoring list. He now sits at number 14, and before he’s finished bouncing a ball, he will be in the top 10. I mention this just so you will be aware of just how special the big German is. Every game you watch, you are seeing basketball history being made. When you have a chance, go look at who all he has passed and will pass before he’s done. It’s more than special.    

You know how I hate the limelight. I’ve never even done a “selfie” (see, I know the new “Word of Year”for 2013). I do everything I can to avoid the paparazzi (I’d hate to turn out like Alec Baldwin). The other day, I informed a group of colleagues that I was traveling Incognito and was immediately accused of bullying. (Just how can a 6’5”, 325 lb. lineman be bullied?)

I see that the Phantom has struck again. Just months after that mythical creature, Todd Wills last disappeared again, I saw a column in the Daily Sun with that nom d’plume. I have a theory. I seldom see the musings of Bob Belcher online any more, and Bob more closely resembles the late Chill Wills than the man introduced to me as Todd Wills. I think Belcher pens those columns. I think he’d rather be another Ron Morgan than a Dick Platt (The little writer. He hates that name.)

If you think the Cowboy defense is manned by a bunch of no-names now, just wait until next year. In 2014, Jerry will literally be in salary cap purgatory. The Cowboys will be so far over the cap next season that there will be players now starting and still under contract that Jerry won’t be able to afford. If you think the ’Boyz defense is bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Next season, Kiffen’s bunch will make the Obamacare website look a huge success. (You like the football? You can keep the football, period.)

The baseball player formerly known as Prince …wait, he still is known as Prince …is now a Texas Ranger. A couple of years ago, the locals made a big run at then free agent Fielder. The human backstop took a super-sized contract (with extra fries) offered him by the Tigers.

 The Rangers had a double barreled off season dilemma. They had three middle infielders for two spots, and they had a power shortage at the power position of first base. The Detroit trade solved both. Can you say blockbuster? I just hope the ADD afflicted Kinsler doesn’t get lost on his way to Mo’ Town.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of a very momentous event. No, not the JFK assassination. My baby sister was born and now qualifies for membership in AARP (or could if she were a socialist.) However, there is a link to that other significant event. Tammie and my mother were in Methodist Hospital in Dallas when the fatal shot was fired. My dad was driving down Jefferson Avenue (by the Texas Theater) headed to the hospital when they were apprehending Oswald. The following Sunday, we had to wait for the hospital to release Mom, so we drove down to see the Schoolbook Depository. We saw a big commotion by the jail, and figured out later that we drove by about the time that Jack Ruby shot Oswald.  That makes me historical. And, the AARP crack may make my sister hysterical.

This week, A-Fraud is appealing his suspension. He is in binding arbitration in NYC. Yesterday, he got mad and walked out on his hearing. He went immediately to a live radio show professing his innocence. He says he won’t testify at the arbitration hearing unless Bud Selig testifies (no commissioner has ever testifies). So why talk to a talk show host but not to the arbitrator? Mike Francesa didn’t swear him in. Nothing he says on the radio gets him charged with perjury. Let’s just hope this extinguishes the career of the man who makes Ty Cobb look like a choirboy.

How can you win by losing? Let’s ask Mark Cuban. The last two summers, the Mavs made signing free agent Dwight Howard their number one priority. I didn’t get it, but then I’m not claiming to know as much about the NBA as Cubes or Donnie Nelson. I had just watched the L.A. Dream Team turn in to the Nightmare on Elm Street (or whatever street the Staples Center is located on). Adding Howard and Steve Nash to Kobe Bryant was supposed to be the key to topping Lebron, Dwyane and Chris Bosh. Uh, it didn’t work out. Dwight Howard was a bust.

Anyway, Cuban lost out (again) in the free agent lottery this year when he again targeted the underachieving seven footer. So, instead of Dwight Howard, he had to “settle”for Monta Ellis. To fill the void in the middle, they signed Samuel Delembert. They went from a dearth of talent at point guard, to a stable that might be the envy of Calumet Farm. Once healthy, Carlisle can trot out Jose Calderon, Shane Larkin and/or Devin Harris then just for fun move the land jet Ellis over to the point. Oh, and did I mention that they still have the 14th (for the moment) most prolific scorer in NBA history? So, I’d say by losing Mark Cuban most definitely won.


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