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September 5, 2011

Morgan: Big 12 dying

Commence the wake

As many of you may have figured out, I’m still mourning the death of the Southwest Conference. I still miss all of the Texas schools playing each other in real, meaningful games. Of course, we had to put up with those interlopers from Bill Clinton’s home state, but they weren’t so bad (even if I do still blame them for the breakup of my childhood conference).

I had grown to accept the Big 12 even if I didn’t love it. Sure, Texas/OU now meant something, but then, hadn’t it always? OSU is a solid program, but where was any rivalry (other than with OU which is still a foreign school in my mind). Who gets worked up over what Nebraska, an Iowa school, a Kansas school or Colorado does? At least the Big 12 had some solid rivalries. Texas-OU, Texas-A&M and A&M-Texas Tech all brought a little legitimacy to the conference.

A year ago, after Nebraska bailed (and who shed a tear over that?), I thought that Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe had successfully performed CPR on the league. Little did I know that they had merely put it on life support. Well, the Aggies just pulled the plug. The Big 12 is in the process of taking its final gasp.

Oh, the batteries on its pacemaker will keep it beating for another season or two, but even the Eveready Bunny can only go so long. I think Cason’s might want to start ordering extra floral arrangements.

They may entice BYU into the fold, but the Salt Lake City crew won’t revive this conference. Notre Dame? About the same time that the pope starts holding a tent revival in Blooming Grove. TCU is sitting back giggling right now. Arkansas? The Hogs dumped the Southwest Conference, and it was a much more viable conference than the Big 12 is at this time.

SMU has informed the Big 12 that they would like to be included. However, unless they can bring back Eric Dickerson and Craig James (and the big money backers of the Pony Express) … well, you get the idea.

Don’t worry about Texas, Texas Tech, OU or Okie State. They’ll wind up in the Pac 12 (or 16 as it will become). That makes absolutely no sense to me, but an old Gypsy woman told me she saw that in her crystal ball or Tarot cards or in the bumps on my head or something. It will happen. I never doubt old Gypsy women.

If you bleed burnt orange or guns up red, you had better invest in either a DVR or a large quantity of Red Bull. Games at Oregon or Washington will start about my bedtime. I mean, when the Rangers play in Anaheim, I only watch about the first three innings. Maybe you can hitch a ride with Carl White when the ‘Horns play at USC.

The big question is: What happens to Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas and K-State? With apologies to my Baylor friends (and that includes my sister), the Bears may be looking in on the Horned Frogs’ situation in the Big East with a jealous eye.  

That old Gypsy woman, right after she sold me that magic elixir, told me that she saw the Bears, the Cyclones, the Wildcats and the Jayhawks feeding on a steady diet of Owls, Cougars and assortment of Conference USA and Mountain West fodder.  

Oh, wait! I can tell that Oliver is “fixin’” to jump all over the fact that I omitted the Missouri Tigers. As Oliver and all other diehard “American football” fans know, there are 9 of the 10 teams of the Big 12 left, so where is Mizzou? They’re a tweener. I don’t think that Missouri has a shot at the SEC, the Pac 16 (odd numbers never work) or the Big 10 and their 12 teams. I do think that they will draw more interest than the other four after-thoughts of the conference.  The little gypsy woman (she hates it when I call her that) said she could see Missouri going to the ACC.

So, I think we should commence the wake. Why wait until there is no heartbeat? We know the outcome. Besides, viewing the body is so distasteful. Let’s toast the memory of the Big 12, even if its life was short. At least maybe we can get a party out of all of this.

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