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December 6, 2012

Angry Birds: Mildred’s front four jelling, excelling


Corsicana —


What makes them tick

  Mildred’s front four on defense, or at the least the five that get the most snaps at the four positions, have a few things in common. Just a few:

Nic Stone, Junior, DE

Pregame ritual: Tell jokes

Favorite artist/band/music: Alice Cooper

Celebrity crush: Betty White

Favorite meal: Swedish meat balls

Taylor Barlow, Senior, DT

Pregame ritual: Listen to “Boys of Fall”

Favorite artist/band/music: Any rap

Celebrity crush: Zoey Spears

Favorite meal: Chicken and rice

Thomas Finigmow, Senior, DT

Pregame ritual: Listen to Boosie

Favorite artist/band/music: Tu Pac

Celebrity crush: Lola Monroe

Favorite meal: Pork chops, white rice and soy sauce

Noah Pennell, Senior, DT

Pregame ritual: Get in a fighting mood

Favorite artist/band/music: Classic rock

Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite meal: Any Chinese food

Joe Carrizales, Junior, DE

Pregame ritual: Energy drink

Favorite artist/band/music: Bob Seger, Eagles

Celebrity crush: Emma Stone

Favorite meal: Jambalaya

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