Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 7, 2014

Morgan: Compare and contrast Cowboys and Rangers

By Ron Morgan
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Ah, spring! It is the season of optimism, the time for rebirth. Barring another break from global warming, we can start to see buds showing up on trees, bulbs sprouting new growth and soon new blades of green will peek through my dormant brown Bermuda grass.

It is also time for spring training in Surprise, Arizona and preparation for the NFL draft. The Rangers are putting new puzzle pieces Prince Fielder and Shin Choo Chew Shin (I’ll never get than name down) in place while heretofore unheard of prospects start showing up on our radar.

When you pick up the sports page every morning in the spring, you’ll read about the latest happenings in Surprise.

You can scour the page for hints about what new phenom is breaking out for our guys. On the opposite page, you can get a glimpse of the prospects who have been to the NFL combine and/or showcased their talents at the home campus pro day.

What better time to compare and contrast management techniques of the Rangers vs. the Cowboys? We are only weeks away from the annual NFL draft as we exercise our annual hope that Jerry will uncover a few hidden gems.

In the post Jimmy Genius era, the ‘Boys have shied away from young guys. GM Jerry tends to hold on to players as they pass into their declining years. In the days before the salary cap, a team could do that to some extent.

With the salary cap in place, holding onto fading stars is disastrous. Every time the tenants of Jerry World rework a contract, Jerry just pushes back the salary cap Armageddon that will eventually come. Sounds a little like Washington and the national debt, huh? The difference is, Jerry can’t vote to raise the debt limit.

The Rangers have no problem letting players go as they decline. How long did Nelson Cruz sit on the free agent stage? As much as Nellie had meant to the Rangers over the past few seasons, the Globe Life Field denizens had no idea how much of that was PED (or is that STD) enhanced.

Without a little HGH, would Nellie be the same player? What they did know was if they resigned him, they would lose a first round compensatory draft pick. J.D. and the Ranger front office look forward.

I predict that it will be impossible for Jerry to let Demarcus Ware go. Jerry’s biggest fear is that D Ware on another team might return to his former self.  

It’s just tough for him to let go. Jerry does a lot of looking in the rearview mirror.

The Rangers organization places a very high value on the draft.

Over the past five or more years, their farm system has been among the best in baseball. Jerry uses the draft to go wildcatting. Whoever the Rangers pick in this year’s draft, I know will be well scouted and evaluated prospects.

The Cowboys have the number 16 pick in the upcoming football draft. I fear what might be available when Jerry’s turn comes.

If the Cowboys let me make the calls on this year’s picks, I’d go defensive lineman, defensive lineman, defensive lineman, offensive guard, safety, defensive lineman and finally, defensive lineman. However, I don’t get to do that. The Cowboy’s GM does.

What if the top tight end in this year’s crop is available at number 16 (and that’s about where the top couple of tight ends are predicted to go)?

Can the you ever have too many tight ends? If Johnny Football were to fall to that spot, would Jerry look and see Tony Romo on a long term deal with a quality backup in Kyle Orton, or would temptation overcome him? Let’s say Manzel’s favorite target, Mike Evans, is on the board when Jerry’s turn comes? Does decide that he will just outscore everyone next year and take someone to lineup opposite Dez?     

It is spring. Maybe Robbie Ross, Tanner Scheppers, Joe Saunders or Tommy Hanson can replace Derek Holland.

There are buds on some of my trees, and a few early flowering plants popping up in our flower beds.

But, upon closer inspection, those green blades in my lawn aren’t new shoots of Bermuda grass. They’re weeds that look suspiciously like Jerry Jones. Where is my Round Up?