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May 18, 2013

MORGAN: IRS & Mack? Scrutiny abounds for Texas teams

Corsicana — There is a scandal brewing in Austin. No, it has nothing to do with Rick Perry and the rainy day fund or allowing guns on college campuses. It concerns Mack Brown’s boys at the University of Texas. Apparently, Mack has filed as a non-profit organization with the IRS. Unfortunately, he filed as a 501C under the name “The U‘T’ Party,” and the IRS has put them under intense scrutiny. Don’t be alarmed; the same thing happened to the New England “Patriots.” You can’t be too careful with these right wing extremists. Of course, in Mack’s case that would be a single wing extremist.

Jerry Jones has been talking for several years about making the Cowboys more “Romo Friendly.” This off season, through the draft, Jerry has added another tight end, a very good wide receiver and a solid backup running back. With his new mega contract, Tony has promised Jerry he would spend “Peyton Manning-like” hours at Valley Ranch. So, now Romo has a first-round draft pick at left tackle and a first-round pick at center. However, that leaves the rest of the offensive line about as strong as Eric Holder’s answers about seizing the phone records at the AP. A hint to Jerry: Recuse yourself.

Hey, Angel fans. You got yourselves a bona fide MVP in the off season by signing Josh Hamilton. I’m sure you wondered just why the Rangers would let him get away. I mean, the Rangers had the most physically talented player in the major leagues, and you slipped in and took him away, right? I just wanted to know, how’s that working out for you?

A quarter of the way into the season, if you projected out Josh’s statistics over the entire season, he’d wind up hitting .211 with 20 homeruns and 48 RBIs. Boy, $125 million just won’t buy what it used to, huh?

However, the Rangers aren’t perfect themselves when it comes to seeing the future. Surely you remember Navarro College/Longview High School product Chris Davis? A few years ago, the first baseman was one of the top prospects in the Ranger organization. He struggled at the plate over parts of two seasons with Texas, and he wound up in Baltimore. Well, guess who could be in the conversation for AL MVP this year? At his current pace, Davis would end the season with 44 homeruns and a batting average of .311. Did we let a rational Josh Hamilton get away?

Speaking of major baseball awards, even with previous MVPs in Arlington, when have the Rangers ever had someone being touted as a possible Cy Young winner? Once you get past Nolan and Fergie the list gets pretty cloudy. Now, all of a sudden, we have Yu. Remember when we thought it was such a huge deal to get Cliff Lee? Well, Cliff Lee ain’t no Yu Darvish. All the tea in China (I realize he’s Japanese, but when did I ever let facts get in my way) couldn’t get Yu away from the Rangers.

When is the last time Mark Cuban landed an actual contributing player in the first round of the NBA draft? In fact, other than the failed prospect of Roddy B and dreadlocked Jay Crowder, who on the Maverick’s roster was even drafted by the Mavericks? The answer is: NO ONE. No, not even Dirk. Dirk was drafted by Milwaukee while the Mavs drafted Robert “Tractor” Traylor. They then traded. So, the Mavs’ roster is composed of free agents.

So, who has Cuban targeted this year to be Robin to the big German’s Batman? Let me rephrase that. Who will break Mark’s heart this off season? Over the past few years, Cuban has been spurned by the likes of Lebron, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. I predict this year’s target and the latest to choose to go anywhere but Dallas to be Chris Paul. Donnie Nelson will once again be digging through the scrap pile of NBA leftovers to fill Cuban’s plate, er, roster.

Oh, and Mack Brown? He has much more to worry about with the alumni than he does with the IRS. If he’s smart he’ll feign outrage, then fire an assistant who’s was about to step down anyway. If Mack doesn’t satisfy the alums, he could find himself sent off to AgGITMO down in College Station.

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