Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 29, 2013

Morgan: The real Todd Wills

‘Until we meet again’

By Ron Morgan
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Todd Wills is leaving the Corsicana Daily Sun…again. I read that in Raymond’s column, and it got me thinking.  The last time I actually laid eyes on Todd Wills was at a New Year’s party at Ricky Jamison’s house in 1992. Now, I have emailed and talked on the phone with someone claiming to be Todd Wills, but that could have been anybody. How do I know that I’ve been talking to “Todd Wills?”

Todd Wills, if that’s who he really is, is the Corsicana Daily Sun’s version of Billy Martin.  Billy Martin would leave the Yankees, go manage someone else, return to the Yankees, leave and then come back to New York again. I lost track of the number of times Billy managed the Yankees much like I’ve lost track of the number of times the alleged Todd Wills has been the CDS sports editor.

The real Todd Wills is the grandson of the old western movie star, Chill Wills. Has anyone seen this Todd Wills ever ride a horse, twirl a six gun or sing any old Gene Autry songs?

Raymond Linex blames…I mean, credits Todd with getting him to where he is in the newspaper business.  Surely, Raymond didn’t do something with the real Todd Wills and bring in a ringer. Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Todd Wills and Bob Belcher together at the same time? You have to wonder.

By the way, the over and under on Todd Wills’ next run with the CDS is 26 months. Any takers?

While we’re on the subject of Daily Sun staff members, I saw the new picture of Michael Kormos on Facebook.  Does Michael play for the Mavericks now?  From the state of his facial hair, it looks like he’s waiting out the return Mavericks’ record to .500. I assume that Michael, Dirk and the rest of the Mavericks will shave at that point, and that will be the end of Dirk Dynasty.

Now that I think about it, if Todd Wills can make numerous return engagements with the paper, couldn’t they do the same with the head football coaching position at Corsicana High School? I mean, Don Denbow and Tom Wilson are both still in Corsicana.  Hey, it’s just a thought.

Don’t believe it when Raymond Linex says he got his start in the newspaper business as a stringer covering Friday night football games. Oh, he covered high school football, but that wasn’t his first exposure to the Daily Sun. He got that by wrapping the give-away dishes at Brookshire’s in it before taking them out to my car on double coupon Tuesday.

Of course, at my age, my memory isn’t what it once was. I can’t remember how many years I’ve been writing this column. The sad thing is that the only name I can recall as a sports editor that I’ve answered to is Todd Wills. It’s not that Todd is that memorable, but when you learn it that many time…well, you get my drift.  Of course, some of the others weren’t around long enough for me to get to their last names. Some moved on to bigger newspapers. Some left for more prestigious digs like Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, and some had their probation revoked.

So, Todd, or whoever you are, we’ll miss you.  With your history, I won’t say goodbye. I’ll just put it like Roy Rogers would have said it as your granddad rode off into the sunset, “Til we meet again.” And, I have no doubt we will.