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April 27, 2013

MORGAN: Operation, Protect Tony

Jerry needs to bulk up on bulk

By the time you read this, you will know just what Jerry did in the War Room on draft nights . As I write, I’m in the dark. I don’t know Tony Romo personally, but on his behalf, I’m begging Jerry. Please stay away from a first round wide receiver, safety or cornerback. For Tony’s sake, find someone who can play on the offensive line. We don’t need another guard who was a backup at Wisconsin like we got a couple of years ago. We need a real life stud lineman who can keep Tony on his feet.

I appreciate Dez Bryant for what he has become. I love Mo Claiborne for his talent and potential. However, if this offense is to become Romo-friendly, we have to have something other than rejects from free agency. If, at number 18, Warmack of Alabama and Cooper of North Carolina are gone, trade down and get two quality linemen with an extra draft pick. Longhorn safety Kenny Vaccaro would be a sexy pick for new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffen (who makes me look like a teenager), but DON’T DO IT! You can find a safety. What good does it do if Kyle Orton has to be your starting QB?

While I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the draft and “Swamp People” (and suffering from a mild case of depression over the season for “Duck Dynasty” ending so soon), my secretary’s husband is at a VIP draft party with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has gotten to know the team president as he has redesigned one of their concession stands, and now has a contract to redo all of their concessions. I bet he’ll get better than stale hot dogs, cold popcorn and ballpark nachos with mystery cheese.

Speaking of ballpark nachos, the Rangers, who invented the concoction, constantly amaze me. After an off season in which they lost Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli and Michael Young, then failed to get any of the premier free agents, they are currently in first place in arguably the toughest division in baseball (ignore those northeastern snobs who talk about how tough their division is with the Yankees and the Red Sox). If what appeared to be a non-productive off season wasn’t enough, and starting the year with Coby Lewis and Neftali Feliz recovering from surgery adding to the subtractions (is it possible to add to a subtraction?), they lost Martin Perez to a broken arm and season opening starter Matt Harrison to back surgery.

Afterthought senior citizen free agents Lance Berkman and A.J. Pierzynski have been significant upgrades at DH and catcher respectively. Out-of-nowhere starter Nick Tepesch and emergency starter Justin Grimm have been a big help. The supposed soft spot for the team was a retooled bullpen. That soft spot has turned into team strength. The recuperation of Feliz and Lewis will even strengthen it further.

By the way, I’ve mentioned before that my step-son in Fort Lauderdale is the visiting team trainer for Miami Heat home games. Well, about a month ago, my wife stopped by there for a visit. After she got home and was unpacking, she pulled out an autographed Dirk Nowitzki jersey. It now occupies a place of honor next to my desk in my office next to my autographed picture of me and Byron Nelson. I guess you could call it the Ron Morgan Hall of Fame.

I suppose you saw that earlier in the week, the stock market had a precipitous drop for a couple of hours because someone hacked into the AP site and planted a story that there had been two explosions at the White House. I don’t understand that. No one needs to hack into AP for them to get a story wrong. If the market drops anytime the AP gets something wrong, we’re in for another Great Depression. However, it also serves to let you know that anytime you find any type of factual error, misspelling, grammatical or punctuation error in my column it has probably been hacked by some nefarious outside group. Besides, as I told Raymond a long time ago, I never let facts get in the way of my writing, but you knew that.

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