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November 15, 2013

Morgan: Obama and Jerry Jones -- they have a lot in common

Corsicana — Conventional wisdom would dictate that there couldn’t be any two more polar opposites than Jerry Jones and President Obama, wouldn’t you say? I mean, how much more white could a man be than to be a native of Arkansas who has spent the majority of his life reciting something like, “Soooweee Pigs!”? Jerry lives in Highland Park, which is about as Caucasian a city as there is on the face of the earth. President Obama is a native of Hawaii (or so he claims) with a Kenyan father. Prior to occupying the White House, he lived in Chicago which is about as ethnically diverse as Park Cities is white.

Jerry made his fortune dealing in hydrocarbons (oil, black gold, Texas tea as the song goes). President Obama made his fame partly by railing against such things as manmade global warming (although, ironically under his watch we are on track to become the world’s leading oil producer).

Common sense would tell you that you couldn’t find two men any more different than Jerry Jones and Barrack Obama. However, common sense and my name have seldom been mentioned in the same sentence, and wisdom of any kind, conventional or other, is not anything I’ve often been accused of.

I see a strong comparison of the two men. Don’t laugh. Hear me out.

Jerry had big plans for this season. He fired Rob Ryan because the Cowboy’s defense in’12 was as ugly as Buddy Ryan’s son himself. He brought in respected senior citizen Monte Kiffen to implement the Tampa 2 defense. Then he hired former Lion’s head coach and Kiffen’s Tampa Bay assistant, Rod Marinelli to beef up the beleaguered defense.

In the draft, Jerry went “Romo friendly” with offensive players. He could have had the best defensive lineman on their board in the first, but traded down to be able to take a center (who many thought would still be available in the second). So, surely he would take a defensive tackle in the second? Nope. He took a tight end. In fact, all seven rounds passed without a defensive lineman. He had enough on hand. He didn’t need any.

In the first half of his first term, President Obama could do anything he pleased legislatively. Not only did he occupy the White House, the Democratic Party controlled both houses of Congress. Did he use all that political capital on comprehensive immigration reform, or perhaps to overhaul foreign policy? Nope. Everything went into an overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system by way of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Which has been a bigger disaster? The Cowboys are 5-5. Monte Kiffen’s defense is on a record setting pace, but not in a good way. That defensive line that Jerry liked too much to add to in the draft has been a revolving door of no name players off the street. The names change so often that the lady who sews names on jerseys is getting time and a half.

Obamacare, which needs 7 million new signees to break even, signed up six people on Day One and just over 100,000 in the first month (and of that number, it is undetermined how many have actually paid.) Seven million people have had their insurance cancelled. But, they obviously didn’t like it because “if you like your plan, you can keep it. PERIOD.”

As many as 35 million could lose their individual plans before it’s over, and as many as 90 million could have their group plans cancelled by the time the employer mandate kicks in.

Who has Jerry fired? Did he fire Kiffen or Marinelli after the defense turned into what could be the worst in NFL history? Did he ax Bill Callahan after the play-caller ignored the run and took to the air ineffectively? No, no and no. No one has been fired.

Who has the President fired? Did anyone get fired over Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA snooping or the abject failure of Obamacare? Did Fast and Furious get Eric Holder canned? Is Kathleen Sebelius gone? Did the website designer get shown the door? No, no and no.

Has either man offered up any hope of a turnaround? Not that I’ve seen. All Jerry can do is to keep scouring the country for more has-beens and never-weres to bolster a hopeless defense. The President has said you can keep your cancelled insurance for one more year (until after the election), but that may lie more with state insurance commissioners and individual insurance companies than with the executive branch. The light at the end of the tunnel for each man looks like a train coming.

The number two man in each organization has been scarce lately. I seldom see Stephen Jones around anywhere, and I keep waiting for Joe Biden’s picture to show up on a milk carton.

A lot of fans have started to turn on Jerry. A lot of democrats have turned on our lame duck president. Neither man would likely be voted “Most Likely to Succeed” at the moment.

The biggest difference between the two? In just over three years, there will be another occupant in the White House, whether it’s Hillary, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio or someone we’ve never thought about. In three years, Jerry will still be in the executive suite at the AT&T Death Star. In fact, Jerry’s position is more comparable to that of the pope. Just don’t expect Jerry to step down. It could be a long time before we see any white smoke at Valley Ranch.

Luckily, we can visually tell the two men apart. Just remember, Jerry throws passes right handed while the President shoots jump shots from the portside. I just don’t think either is on target.


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