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March 29, 2014

Morgan: Back in time

Corsicana — There is a new TV show this season set in the year 1991. My first thought was how ridiculous that was. 1991 was just the other day. Or, was it?

Do you remember when Richie and Fonzie showed up on the old RCA console TV? That was in 1974.

It was set in the period of right around 1956 or 1957, 17 or 18 years in the past. In ’74, that seemed like a long way back in history. 1991 was 23 years ago.

In 1991, Jerry still had his original face and had been the owner of the Cowboys for all of two years. Jimmy Genius was remaking the proud franchise as the only “other” coach they had ever had.

Out at Turnpike Stadium, renamed Arlington Stadium, the Rangers were still struggling to get a winning season, much less a World Series.

The Mavericks were at the start of a decade of roundball futility. All three of the local professional franchises were playing in facilities that no longer even stand. Arlington Stadium, Texas Stadium and Reunion Arena have all met the same fate as M.C. Linex’s parachute pants.

In 1991, the Southwest Conference was still the league du jour for the state of Texas.

The Big Eight, the Big Ten and the Pac Ten all still had a number of member schools that matched the number in the conference names.

Just think, in ’91, I had never picked up a cell phone. I had no idea what the initials GPS, DVR or VOIP stood for. Back then you could still buy an Oldsmobile,  a Mercury, a Saturn or a Pontiac from either the Stewart Brothers or Johnny Sirman (the round man with the square deal.)

Electric cars only ran on slotted tracks in your living room, and a Smart Car was the one carrying the CHS debate team.

 In the early ‘90s, I could only dream of someday being able to afford a dot matrix printer and the long steams of paper to feed into it.

Twenty three years ago, Jason Garrett was the starting quarterback for the San Antonio Riders of the World Football League. Ron Washington was one year removed from retiring as a player and was a low level employee of the New York Mets. Rick Carlisle was an assistant coach with the New Jersey Nets.

Nolan Ryan was still crafting no hitters for your Texas Rangers, and Mark Cuban was living off the $6 million he made from the sale of his first company. The Rangers were owned by a future president of the United States while the Mavericks were owned by a guy who sold home décor, and the Dallas Stars were still in Minnesota.

In 1991, I still had all the original plumbing around my heart, my golf game sucked (some things never change) and I still had dark hair… no, wait … that would have been 1971. Never mind. (I could have said Sam Thompson had a full head of hair, but that would have been 1961.)

That year my beautiful daughter was cheering on the sidelines for a Don Denbow coached Tiger team.

Tom Wilson was coaching in Palestine. Dale Dotson was still in the early throws of his coaching career at Lon Morris (in 1991, there was still a Lon Morris), and Todd Brewer needed a roadmap to find Mesquite.

In 1991, the Cotton Patch Café was still a Wendy’s. Hashops was still Hashops (and Bill Clinton sat there), Catfish King was still king of the local seafood, and Roy’s wasn’t Ricky’s.

Brantley Humbert was the only lawyer around serving BBQ. The Waffle Shop was gone … again. The Taco Shop was still on Beaton, and the Old Mexican Inn had just recently doubled its size to accommodate twice as much orange dip.

I guess no one was cruising the Sonic in their ’57 T Bird convertible in ‘91, and the Fonz wasn’t pounding the jute box for free tunes.

However, it was further back than I realized. Now, I’m just hoping I’m still around to see a throwback show based in the Aughts.  Ehhhhhhh!



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