Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

July 14, 2013

Ron Morgan: MLB beset by the PC Gestapo

By Ron Morgan
Corsicana Daily Sun

— “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by a mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of pooh by the clean end.” I stole this definition off of Facebook. I think it originated in Australia.

I expect political correctness from NBC or CBS, but from major league baseball?  America’s pastime has been beset by the PC Gestapo. Forget the PC police. The policemen and women that I know have far too much common sense to be involved in the ridiculous practices of those who preach what is politically correct.

In the long illustrious history of the St. Louis Cardinals, who is their most hallowed ball player? Sure, there have been many, many of them, but the answer is quite easy.  Stan “The Man” Musial tops the list of all the Hall of Fame players who have worn the red and white.

Since Musial’s death, the Cards have displayed his uniform number, 6, along with a Christian cross on the pitcher’s mound at Busch Stadium. Stan Musial was a devout catholic, a staunch Christian.

Recently, Cardinals’ general manager, John Mozeliak ordered the symbols removed.  According to one account, Mozeliak had just been advised that the symbols were there from a newspaper story (which doesn’t say a lot about how closely the GM monitored the team).  Another source said that someone had complained so he had them removed. Either way, it says a lot about being PC.

Oh, and by the way, right after ordering the symbols removed, the Cardinals hosted their annual “”Christian Day” in which they bring in national celebrities who along with Cardinal players, share their faith. Can you say, “irony?”

Okay, you want to argue that displaying the Ten Commandments in a public school violates the First Amendment obligation to separate religion from government, I can argue the other side, but there is room for debate. The St. Louis Cardinals are in no way a government agency or sustained by government funds. They are not subject to the “wall of separation.” Today, however, people are too scared to stand up for what they believe. It’s easier to cave in.

Political correctness only comes down on the Christian religion. You can attack Christianity or its practitioners with impunity. If you want to make jokes about it, call it art to put a crucifix in a jar of urine or simply call the faithful “flat earthers.” However, don’t dare do anything close to that to Islam.

If you make a movie mocking Mohammed, you get blamed for the attack on an embassy in Libya and wind up being thrown in prison.  Muslims pull children out of a Christian school in Africa and behead them. You can’t mention that on the news. That would be inflammatory.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt kills Coptic Christians? Better not dwell on that. They were democratically elected.

If the Cardinals’ ownership allows their management to dishonor their biggest local hero, that’s their right. However, I would guess that the vast majority of their fan base considers themselves to be Christian. I’m not sure I’d want to offend the majority of my paying customers. I know that being a capitalist isn’t politically correct in this day and age, but it pays the bills, and in the case of a big league baseball team, that means multi-million dollar contracts.

As a firm believer in libertarian principles and in the free enterprise system, I believe that it is the right of the Cardinals to be politically correct. They are free to offend anyone they wish to, and they can exclude any group they would like. I just hope they realize that they have entered onto a two-way street. Thousands of fans have just as much right to ignore Busch Stadium turnstiles and their concession stands. I sure hope Cardinals’ management can find the clean end.