Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

September 21, 2013

Morgan: The Fat Lady has sung

By Ron Morgan
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — October is just around the corner. That means major league baseball’s playoffs and the World Series. Unfortunately, what looked bright for the Rangers all the way through August looks pretty dismal right now.

Not only have they blown the division title, it now looks like they’re fast falling out of the wild card race. I’m afraid the fat lady has sung.

Before we get too maudlin over our Cowboys, just remember: They’re not the Cleveland Browns. No wonder my Ohio born and raised son in law has always been a Bears fan.

The management of the Browns makes Jerry look smart. In April of 2012, they took Alabama running back Trent Richardson with the third pick in the draft. I don’t recall anyone saying that the third pick was a stretch. Richardson was that good.

Well, in their best Jerryesque move, they traded the power runner to the Colts for next year’s first round pick. With Andrew Luck at quarterback and now Trent Richardson at running back, Indianapolis may be a sure fire playoff contender.

So, in essence, the Browns may have just traded a number three pick for a twenty-fifth or so pick in the next draft.

But, every cloud has a silver lining. The Browns may have just passed Jacksonville in the race to the bottom for next year’s number one overall choice. I wonder how Johnny Manziel will look in orange and brown?

Before I get in too much hot water with all my Aggie friends, let me remind you that I am an A&M fan. My daughter is an Aggie. One of my best friends has two Aggie sons.

However, I am still appalled at the apologists for Johnny Football. One close friend this week referenced an article by Mark May in the Huffington Post in defending Johnny.

First of all, I was quite disappointed to find any of my friends reading the Huffpo. Then second, Mark May, not someone associated with journalism excellence, said Johnny has swagger like Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson and/or Randy Moss. I’d have to say that comparison is damning with faint praise.

You say potato; I say potato (Huh? That doesn’t translate well in print, but you get the idea). You say swagger; I say arrogance. Of course, the Alabama game was a great opportunity for Manziel to lose some of that image. The arrogance on the Crimson Tide sideline overshadowed even the autograph man.

    In an effort to add a little media fairness here, let me say that Mack Brown closely resembles a drowning man. Only a desperate coach fires a coordinator after two games. That’s like trying to save the Titanic with a pair of my grandkids’ water wings. Deloss Dodd gave him the kiss of death, aka a vote of confidence. However, it is rumored that DD is on his way out. It could be more hooked like the Apollo Theater than Hook ‘Em.

    On a positive note for the Guns Up crowd, Cliff Kingsbury is once again the toast of Lubbock. His Red Raiders have gone from a pick of around 10th in the Big Twelve to number 25 in the nation after beating nationally ranked TCU. The kings of the High Plains are 3-0 with a non-scholarship true freshman quarterback. Compare that to what Mack has done with a parade of 5 star prospects under center ever since Colt McCoy graduated.

    I need a little local help. I know for a fact that there are at least three Corsicana High alums  in the NFL. I know Danieal Manning is with Houston, David Hawthorne is now playing for Rob Ryan in New Orleans and Louis Vasquez is protecting Peyton Manning in the Rockies. Did any of our other locals make NFL rosters following training camp? I know some of you must be aware. Let me know.

I’m sure Jason Garrett had mixed feelings about turning over the play calling duties to Bill Callahan. After the Chiefs game, I’ll bet he was glad. Now, it’s Callahan who has to answer questions about not running the ball. Garrett can chime in with the rest of us about needing to run more. Smooth move, Big Red. Who knows? Maybe that fat lady who has sung for the Rangers can open up a hole for Demarco Murray to run through. She’s bound to be better than Mackenzy Bernadeau. Give her a tryout, Jerry.