Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas


March 15, 2013

Outdoors: Turkey hunting — Ruffling the right feathers

Corsicana — Turkey hunting has taken its rightful place on the top shelf of my favorite pursuits. Those who know me would tell you I’m a hog hunting addict, it’s true, but deer and turkey hunting also take top spots; in fact, I may even jump out on a limb and suggest I like turkey hunting even more than deer hunting – I suppose it depends on which season is on the horizon. Either way, when it comes to turkey hunting, I’m a huge fan!

I began turkey hunting years ago with a rifle; in Texas, turkey hunting with a rifle is legal but let’s be honest, it’s not much of a challenge. The transition was quick; After taking a turkey with a rifle I needed more of a challenge a shotgun became my tool of the trade and remained so for years.

Notches carved into the shotgun stock led me to consider alternative and even more challenging method, bowhunting. My move to bowhunting for turkeys wasn’t the result of some great epiphany – my wife would attest that my brain isn’t wired for high level processing; I simply reasoned that 40 yards or less was the standard shooting distance with my shotgun and I was also comfortable at that distance with a bow. This meant, as a product of my confidence level, when I was in shotgun range, I was in bow range; it was a natural progression.

Hunting turkeys with a bow doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a better hunter; it just means I have volunteered to lose out on more opportunities for the greater glory of bowhunting success. Turkey hunting is tough business whether you use a shotgun or a bow and often ends with killing nothing more than time. No matter how you slice it getting a turkey on the ground comes down to opportunity and shot placement; admittedly, both are harder to come by with a bow.

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