Drink, drive, crash, fall down ... and go to jail was the sequence for one man Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, State Troopers Matt McGinnis and John Cabano responded to a report of an accident on North Business 45 just north of Talent Ranch.

When the pair reached the scene, they were greeted by a suspected drunk driver.

Randy Wayne Jones, 40, of Corsicana had backed his white Pontiac through a fence and into a ditch.

Paramedics were called to the scene, but were immediately sent back as the troopers realized they were dealing with an apparent inebriated individual, and not a serious injury.

Jones was staggering and giving McGinnis the run-around with answers on how this could have happened, according to the trooper.

McGinnis then administered a standardized field sobriety test, a test that Jones failed. A breathalyzer was administered then Jones was hauled off to the Navarro County Justice Center.

Cabano discovered that Jones had been stopped for speeding in Wilmer by local authorities there just one hour prior to his arrest.

“Suspected driving while under the influence,” is how McGinnis summed up the call.

No other persons were injured.


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