The smell of diesel filled the air as Corsicana Firefighters worked to hose down approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel discharged from the right tank of an 18-wheeler that slid off the Interstate 45 over-pass causing minimal guard rail damage.

The truck jack-knifed in the median causing the entrance ramp to the Northbound-side of the Interstate from Business 45 out of Corsicana to be blocked and traffic rerouted during the clean-up.

The Triple A. Poultry truck was traveling south on Interstate 45 heading for Houston when the accident occurred.

“I wasn’t scared because I was driving slow like 50 miles (an hour) but it just went so fast,” driver Hugo Asencio said. No one was injured in the one car accident.

According to Texas State Trooper John Cabano, the vehicle appeared to slide off the road due to the weather.

“The right fuel tank was punctured causing about 100 gallons of fuel to be dropped. We’re calling Pechal’s Wrecking Service out of Ennis. They have a haz-mat (hazardous material) team. They’ll dig it up or something,” Cabano said.

Interstate traffic was not affected by the accident. The Corsicana Fire Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden responded to the accident.

Another 18-wheeler blocked the east side service road of the same strech of highway temporarily after jack-knifing on the slick road. The truck was up and running after a brief stop to assess the damage.

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