Opening up the “old Daily Sun e-mail bag” Tuesday morning, I found a rather routine staff e-mail advisory with an interesting opening line ...

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life ... don’t waste it,” the communication began.

Good tip! Read it, believe it, live it!

But that being said, why is it that we always wait until the last couple of weeks of a given year to reflect back on the previous year, making note of the highlights, low lights, debacles, accomplishments and happenings of the last 11 and one-half months? Should that not be an on-going observation?

Some wise words, indeed. Not particularly original, but wise nonetheless.

The reality of our habits, however, does dictate we take some time each December to reflect on what has taken place in our lives, our world, our relationships, experiences, observations and such.

So, without any further fanfare, let us proceed to ...

Bob’s List of Top 10 Most Annoying Media Events of 2006!

Number 10: Commercials for the Vonage Internet telephone service. Not only is the service not as good as advertised, that stupid theme song has to be the worst I’ve ever heard! (DO DO, DO DO DO ... DO DO, DO DO DO ... ) Now you’re likely to have that going through your mind all day, too.

You’re welcome.

Number 9: This year’s batch of political commercials. While not quite as annoying individually as Vonage, there were so many of them making so many attacks (especially in the governor’s race this year) in such a short period of time, it actually came in ahead of Vonage.

Number 8: The guy from the “Blazing Saddles” movie that does the Dallas car dealer commercials. You know, the one who says “We don’t care how you git here folks, just git here!” It was funny the first time. Not funny the thousandth time.

Number 7: All the hoopla surrounding Katie Couric’s debut on the CBS Evening News. People, it’s the message, not the messenger. CBS’s future runs far deeper than Couric’s “Q-rating.”

Number 6: All the hoopla surrounding Katie Couric’s departure from the Today Show. NBC’s future runs far deeper than Matt Lauer’s “Q-rating.”

Number 5: Nancy Grace on Headline News. What a tremendous waste of television airtime.

Number 4: Glen Beck on Headline News. See Nancy Grace.

Number 3: Howie Mandell. Especially without hair. There are some men who should not be bald. He’s one of them. However, hair wouldn’t help “Deal or No Deal” one bit, I’m afraid.

Number 2: Info-mercials. Especially the one about cleansing your colon. How do you explain that to children who hear it? Please ...

And finally, (another drum roll, please) ... The Number One Most Annoying Media Event of 2006 is ...

“Dead Air” on the radio. Sorry, but this is a particular pet peeve of mine after having worked 30 years in the business. It’s the one thing you are taught not to tolerate or allow to happen. “It” happens several times an hour on one local radio outlet and has been, most every hour of every day, for four months now. There is no excuse for this.

You’ll have to ask them why it has been allowed to continue.

I’d be interested to hear the explaination.


Bob Belcher is a Daily Sun staff writer. His column appears Wednesdays and Sundays. He can be reached via e-mail at

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