The best part of being married is, of course, my wonderful bride. Another amazing perk has been my new father-in-law Jerry Don.

I remember the first time I met Jerry Don. I was petrified because I knew right then and there I loved his daughter and wanted so badly for him to like me.

Of course as the months flew by, I found out he did and he has been a major part of my life. Whether it be giving advise to the two of us or just whipping something up in the kitchen for us kids to eat, I am so grateful to have a second father in my life.

It’s hard to be away from my biological family. Being two time zones away from the people I grew up with and admired was a difficult transition when I first packed my bags for the Lone Star State.

As the Thanksgiving season rolls around, I just am so grateful that I have a new family right here. I am thankful that Jerry Don is here with us through the holidays.

Jerry Don goes out of his way to help both Lauren and myself out in anyway he can. From borrowing his vacuum cleaner to walking our dog during his downtime, Jerry Don does it all.

Most times when my wife and I get home from work, we are flat wore out. Jerry Don will always call us up and ask us how our day was. Then, he will ask the most important question of the day.

“Do y’all want to come over for dinner? I made something special.”

There is no hesitation, no indecision, we are there! I’ve never met a man that cooks as well as my father-in-law. He really takes pride in his dinners for us, and boy do we appreciate it.

We were racking our brains trying to come up with an adequate birthday present for Jerry Don. His birthday is Sunday and it was hard to come up with something that shows how much we love him and are indebted to him.

So ... writing a column about our hero seemed to fit the bill.

Happy Birthday Jerry Don, enjoy your day in the sunlight and know your two biggest fans are right here with you. By the way ... what’s on the menu tonight?!


AJ Narasimhan is a Daily Sun staff writer. His column appears Fridays. He may be contacted via e-mail at

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