EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second on a two-part story covering the progress city officials and residents have made on master planning.

In a similar second session held in Waxahachie, the resident turnout dropped significantly, Main Street Project Director Malinda Sharpley said. Corsicana, however, held steady as more than 130 residents discussed issues at CHS Tuesday night.

“About half of the residents did not attend the first session,” Sharpley said. “This type of turnout really impressed me, especially the first-time participants.”

Similar to the first session in October, residents broke out into nine regional groups to expand upon suggestions offered following a power-point presentation. Sharpley noted the lengthy discussion over items such as road ways and beautification.

“A great representation of the southern, downtown and eastern regions was present — bigger than in October,” she said.

Most of the ideas were expanded upon and some of the lower-ranked items were dropped altogether.

Sharpley said some ideas, such as neighborhood associations and non-profit historic groups, could be implemented immediately.

“Those ideas do not require any money and can be started right away,” Sharpley said.

The main street director made note of skeptics saying that the ideas were already known throughout the city.

“The ideas may have been known, but now collectively they are in the light,” she countered.

Once all the suggestions were received by the facilitators, they are being reworked into strategies and different ways to use and implement. The timetable for the new strategies to be unveiled will be sometime in the summer.

Along with the road issues, drainage was also mentioned as a problem in the city. Sharpley suggested tackling both issues together as opposed to separating the two.

“With some of the bigger issues on the table, I feel that the mayor and council will take these into consideration when the budget is formed,” Sharpley said.

Some zoning and code enforcement issues will be adopted soon, Sharpley said.

One issue raised by the carriage district was to preserve the integrity of the historical area. Zoning played a large part in that as well as code enforcement, Sharpley said.

All council members were in attendance, along with the mayor. Several department heads were present, as well as CISD officials.

Sharpley wanted to thank the Navarro County Foundation and J. Tom Eady Charitable Trust and City of Corsicana for project funding. The CHS commons was a much larger venue for the town hall meeting than the library, and Sharpley was thrilled with the facilities.

“This made for a much better location that the first,” she said.

The third part of the master plan will be in the format of a presentation, with no small break out groups scheduled.

For those not in attendance at the master plan work sessions, Sharpley said the city Web site will be updated in the coming weeks and will showcase many of the presentations delivered at both meetings.

The address is www.ci.corsicana.tx.us.


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