Being from Irving, I miss a lot of places that I was used to being close to when living there.

Target is one of them. When will Corsicana get a Target? Our population has swelled lately, and I think that we should have a Target. The local businesses around town are great, wonderfully great! But we have some national chain stores so why couldn’t we have a Target too? I’m not even talking about a super Target where when the sprinklers in the produce section turn on “Singing in the Rain” is played. At least the one in Irving does.

There’s also an Olive Garden in Irving, too. Just saying Olive Garden makes me think of the never ending pasta bowl, the lunch soup and salad or its lasagna which is so good. The spaghetti is good also along with the breadsticks. I usually don’t eat much bread but they are good. I have to admit though, there is a small place in Irving called Angelo’s and the lasagna is my favorite. Angelo’s also gives you one piece of garlic toast that you can tell is homemade but not on a slice of bread.

Speaking of Lasagna, I saw a special in the H-E-B circular where if you buy a family size of Stouffer’s Lasagna and a package of Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookies you get free salad mix, garlic bread, 2-liter Pepsi, and a pint of Ice Cream. Just thinking about it all is making me extremely hungry, and because I’m hungry, I start to think about all other places that are good that aren’t here in Corsicana like Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel has the best loaded baked potato soup I’ve ever had.

Now that I’m thinking of all the stuff that we don’t have here. Pancho’s is one of those favorites that I wouldn’t necessarily want here because Don Jose’s and Old Mexican Inn are better in the Mexican food department. Chinese food wise, the places in Corsicana are good, but my favorite place is still a little whole in the wall in Irving called Mac Wok. The chicken and vegetables is so good. It’s not even how Mac Wok makes the chicken or the vegetables, but the sauce put in with the chicken is great. Mac Wok has changed Lisa’s outlook on Chinese food as well. We (Deeanna and I) convinced her that Sweet and Sour Chicken was just like chicken nuggets to get her to try it.

For a good hamburger though, I’d have to say that Griff’s in Irving is up there. It’s pretty affordable, but I might have to try a Carpenter’s burger one of these days when I actually do eat a hamburger. I haven’t eaten a hamburger in a while. When I go to most fast food places, I order a chicken sandwich because it is healthier.

This week it’s all about food, and now that I’ve given serious thought I’m even hungrier. Well, until next week ...


Donell Williams is a Daily Sun staff writer. Her column appears Thursdays. She may be contacted via e-mail at

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