For nearly 14 years, Vicki Morehead has been Tom Adams’ “right hand woman.” Not only did she keep up with all his business affairs at Victorian Sample, she also organized and handled his personal matters, too.

“She is my dear, dear friend,” Adams said. “She is wonderful, fun, organized — she is what keeps my store going, my schedule planned, makes my appointments — and she knows how to juggle my money.”

Vicki and her husband Jerry, who is employed by Contractor’s Steel, enjoyed anything involving outdoors.

“She loves camping at the lake, loves fishing, loves to feed ‘her ducks’ at Lake Halbert, just anything outdoors,” Adams said. “Of course, I demand so much of her time, she didn’t have much time for hobbies!”

The Moreheads have two children, a son and daughter, who are both married and each have one child. Jerry and Vicki travel on weekends frequently to visit their grandson and granddaughter.

“I have never seen two people more devoted to one another than Jerry and Vicki,” Adams said. “They are totally in love.”

Vicki is a diabetic, and about eight years ago, had angioplasty. Because of her medical problems, health insurance would be very costly, so the couple was searching for affordable health insurance. For six months, Vicki had been feeling poorly, and her left arm hurt nearly constantly.

Adams knew when Vicki left work on the afternoon of Oct. 8 she was feeling especially bad. That evening, Jerry found her on the floor in the bathroom about 6:30 p.m.

“She had suffered a severe stroke, which left her paralyzed on her right side, and unable to speak,” Adams said. “They flew her to Tyler. She is home now, but can only say very few words. She is so frustrated by her inability to communicate.”

With no health insurance, the family is struggling. Jerry was forced to hire someone to come in and stay with Vicki while he works, and a very good friend is helping two days per week. Just last week, Vicki began an experimental drug therapy and rehab at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The trip back and forth to the metroplex wears Vicki out, but her friends and family are hopeful her use of her right side and speech will be restored.

“It’s just hard for my business to function without Vicki,” Adams said.

Adams and friends Fran Townes, Sharla Allen, and Mary Steely have organized a wine and cheese fund-raiser for Vicki Morehead which will take place at 5 p.m. Thursday at Victorian Sample. A tax deductible trust has been established at Community National Bank and Trust, to Vicki Morehead; P.O. Box 624, Corsicana, Texas 75151-9004.

“We will take checks made out to the trust,” Adams said. “Any amount would be appreciated. A note to Vicki would be wonderful to let her know she is loved.”


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