Let me begin by saying, Merry Christmas!

Let me apparently add insult to injury by wishing Happy Hanukah (or Chanukah), Happy Kwanza, and any other season greeting that is for some reason raising a stink this year.

Much has been said in the news about some retailers’ wishes to ‘sanitize’ the holidays, while at the same time take full advantage of the time of year.

I’m all for that ... the selling and time of year. That’s what business and our economy is all about, and without it, we’d be in bad shape.

But the move to make the holiday season ‘politically correct’ with the dropping of “Merry Christmas” is beyond me.

Next thing you know, they’ll try to change the formula of Coke, and you know what a stir that caused last time they tried. Although I must admit the new “Coke Zero” is pretty good stuff.

But I digress ... do that quite often now that I’ve hit 51.

The furor over the ‘politically correct’ holiday greetings got me to thinking about all of the things we have to be so careful about anymore, so as not to offend.

So, for your consideration, I present my top 10 list of politically incorrect things to say and do here in the new millennium.

10. “Hey, Toots, you look great in that miniskirt!”

9. “Excuse me, Sugar Pie, would you get us another cup of coffee before the meeting starts?”

8. “You know those (fill in the blank), they all stick together when it comes to (fill in the blank).

7. “What time does the Wet T-shirt contest start?”

6. “You wouldn’t understand, darling, it’s a ‘man’ thing.”

5. “A woman has no business (fill in the blank)”

4. “Come on over, girls, I’ve got mistletoe!”

3. “I had no idea that (blank) was a (blank).”

2. “So tell me, sweetie, what does your husband do?”

And ... drum roll please ... the number one most politically incorrect thing to say

1. “I believe there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Here’s hoping all your gatherings bring with them the good feelings that this time of year are meant to convey in whatever form you wish them to be conveyed in, no matter your beliefs or traditions, and if any of these wishes offend you, I humbly apologize.

Hey, that could be a new ‘politically correct’ greeting card inscription.

But what in the world do we put on the front?

How about a big, yellow, smiling face?


Bob Belcher is a Daily Sun columnist. His column appears Sundays. He is the Program Director for KAND 1340 AM and host of Talktime. He can be reached via e-mail at bob@kand1340am.com.


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