What would the holiday season be without decorations depicting the spirit of Christmas? Luckily for local residents, Parks and Recreation Director Sharla Allen is here to make sure it happens.

For more than 10 years, Allen has devoted countless hours to try and create a winter wonderland for the city. This year is no exception.

Allen and her crew began work on the city’s decor on Dec. 4 and have been at it ever since.

“This year we did not put us as many decorations as in years past,” Allen said. “But the spirit is alive.”

Several visitors to city hall have commented in regards to the tasteful decorations. All around the fountain gracing the entry to the building are poinsettia flowers.

Santa is present with reindeer, nutcracker soldiers and plenty of holiday red and green colors.

In addition to decorating city hall, Allen is also responsible for the holiday themes at Community Park, the Senior Activity Center, Bunert park, Pioneer Village, the downtown Pocket Park, Allyn Park, the City Library and the Chamber of Commerce.

Bunert Park also received a boost from a not-so-secret Santa. Councilwoman Ruby Williams donated several reindeer to the park and Allen praised her efforts to brighten the sector of town.

“She helped out a lot,” Allen said.

Several meeting are held routinely at city hall. From the city council, to planning and zoning and the zoning board of adjustments, all members of each meeting have commented on the decorations to Allen.

Allen’s masterpieces are not strictly relegated to Christmas, as the parks and recreation director enhances Valentines Day and Thanksgiving, though on a slightly smaller scale.

The decorations will stay up in city hall until the first of the new year, when Allen and her team will begin preparations for Valentines Day.

“It just truly gets you in the holiday spirit,” she said. “I really enjoy doing this.”


AJ Narasimhan may be contacted via e-mail at ajn@corsicanadailysun.com

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