By the time you read this, I will have already stood in front of a gym full of friends, family, and fellow graduates, delivered a speech, threw my tasseled cap of knowledge in the air, and graduated from Mildred High School, and let me tell you, I could not be happier.

Yet, I also couldn’t be sadder.

These past two weeks have been constant “lasts” for me. Even as I enjoyed my last moments with classmates and underclassmen, I could not help but to think “this is my last U.I.L. Six-flags trip,” or “I’m never going to go to another Mildred High School Awards Ceremony.”

Tuesday was my last full day of classes, my last time to listen to Mr. Ramsey lecture his Spanish class as I sat back to enjoy my free-time in my U.I.L. class, my last time to go through the lunch line and thank the ladies for their always-excellent services, and my last time to skip off to Mr. Dodd’s class to chat in my spare time.

All day long, all I could think was, “this is it, the final countdown.”

From as far back as August of last year, me and 49 other seniors were counting down the days until graduation, and now that time has come and gone. We have had our fun, shared our laughs, and ultimately moved onto the final summer together before we go our separate ways and off to college.

There is my ray of light and hope: summer.

Here it is everyone, my second summer as the Daily Sun intern. I can only hope it will be as eventful as the last, but after working a year in Corsicana news, I am so excited for this summer to come!

Having a full-time (or whatever this is) job is so different from the pains of high school life. It’s getting out in the world and doing something worth while, and getting paid for it! There is a certain feeling I get from working here that I don’t think exists anywhere else — here’s to another fun-filled summer with my lovely co-workers!

And here is to my last summer before college, my last summer of freedom. I am definitely going to take my time to enjoy it and soak in that good small-town feeling that is so unique to Corsicana.

Have a wonderful summer everyone, and congratulations to all my fellow graduates from Mildred and the surrounding area! I love you guys!


Chase Springer is a Daily Sun columnist. His column appears on Sundays.

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