Corsicana City Council members George Walker, Ruby Williams, Stephen Andrews and Randy Dill have announced their selections for September Yard of the Month. They are supported by this endeavor by Corsicana Cleanup Committee and Better Gardens Club.

Precinct 1 — A symmetrical pair of Bradford Pear trees welcomes visitors to the home of Sandy and Kay Jenkins at 1235 W. Third Ave. As one enters the gate of the beautiful wrought iron fence, the banks of pink and purple caladiums set the romantic scene. Along the east fence of the side yard, dwarf caladiums are massed at the feet of taller ones of the same colors. More purple and green caladiums in different patterns grace the foundation of the house. A wrap-around porch with its white wicker furniture, sky blue ceilings, and white fans is a delightful place to enjoy the parade of color.

The family Dachshund properly defends the household by barking ferociously at the sound of a stranger, but when introduced to the visitor welcomes him lovingly. Sandy and Kay say the Carriage District older home “beckoned” to them when they moved to Corsicana from Fairfield 19 years ago. A large peanut shaped planting bed centers the yard and features a small white bench, gazing ball, and bird feeders. Other planting areas contain heirloom plants such as yarrow and four o’clocks. An interesting upside down tomato vine hanging on the porch has yielded delicious small tomatoes all summer. Other vegetables come from a garden plot in the west side yard. The entire yard is watered from an original water well.

Sandy is controller for Collin Street Bakery and his wife teaches yoga at the YMCA. Their daughter is a chef for a hotel restaurant in Colorado.

Precinct 2 — In 1966 Warner Redus and her late husband Carlly built their home at 1101 Waterworks Road. The grounds feature a very large gazebo. “I just had a tea party out there for little girls. They had such a nice time,” Warner said.

Warner and Carlly moved to Corsicana as educators over 54 years ago. The Redus home is a showcase for collections and antiques. The grounds are a reflection of Warner’s attention to detail.

The family planted the huge live oaks, elms and red oaks on the property. Pointing to a very large pine tree, Warner said, “When I planted that, my husband said it wouldn’t grow. So I made sure it was watered every day.”

The house is surrounded by well-groomed evergreen plantings. Elaegnus, bottlebrush, cottonballs, and liriope, and several varieties of holly add color and texture. Birdcages and bird feeders provide a sense of whimsy to the area. There are potted green plants everywhere among the patios and conversation areas.

Warner and Carlly owned Corsicana Geranium Gardens before selling the business to Arnus Purdy. Bobby Bryant is a great help to Warner in planting and maintaining the beautiful grounds.

Retired from Corsicana Independent School District as director of special education, founding member of the Navarro Council of the Arts, mother, grandmother, musician, member of the Red Hat Society, active in her church, a pillar of the community, and a friend to all, Warner is a busy woman. Her home and gardens reflect the many talents and interest of this fascinating lady.

Precinct 3 — After World War II, as Corsicana began to expand the city limits westward, the old Tiger football field and surrounding area became the site of new homes. Over the past 16 years, Linda and Don Hudson have been transforming one of those homes, 112 N. 34th St., into the home of their dreams.

On either side of the front yard lantana, crepe myrtles, nandina and azaleas thrive. Confederate jasmine, trumpet and wisteria vines intertwine on a fence, providing shade for a patio and hot tub off a bedroom. Open the front door and you step into a room filled with the joyful sounds of chirping birds. Included in this happy group of feathered friends are parrots, a cockatiel, a canary and a talking macaw named Murphy.

Walking out onto the patio from a back door, you hear the sounds of trickling water and wild songbirds. A fountain with cascading water is surrounded by large ferns and pink and green caladiums. Ferns also hang from a large oak tree.

The focal point of the yard is the 12-foot diving pool. Crepe myrtles, azaleas and assorted greenery grow around the pool and deck.

Linda and Don enjoy the respite these surroundings provide after their days of public service. Don is a 19-year veteran of the Ennis Police Department, and Linda is a nurse at Westside Development Center.

When not working or antique shopping, the Hudsons love every minute of being in their home, especially when their 5-year-old grandson Conner visits.

Precinct 4 — The yard of Paul and Lynda Green at 1816 Dartmouth Lane has been selected in Precinct 4. When the Greens lived in Barry, their yard did not have many trees, but the good black dirt and plenty of sun produced many colorful flowers. However, when they moved to Corsicana in 1995, their new location had many, many trees, sandy soil, and shade. This presented a whole new experience in gardening. With so much shade, there were few spots for color, but they were now able to grow azaleas.

The garden has a natural look, bordered on two sides by a creek. Asian jasmine is planted in areas where grass will not grow. Lynda plants caladiums and impatiens for color and variegated hydrangeas do well. There is a pond with fish. They use a lot of gravel and wood ferns in the landscape.

Many decorative birdhouses, which they have collected in their travels, are placed in the garden.

A table where Paul and Lynda enjoy was a project with their grandchildren. The table was purchased in Round Top, and they covered the surface with broken plates and plaster of Paris. The garden makes a tranquil retreat from a busy schedule.

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