In an effort to protect staff and students from COVID-19 and avoid a complete shutdown, Corsicana ISD Trustees voted Monday to implement face covering protocols as case counts at individual campuses meet a particular threshold. The district said masks were not mandated, however, as an “opt out” form is available to parents on the district’s website.

Mask protocols began Tuesday, Aug. 31 for all Corsicana Middle School students and staff after 20 active cases were reported as of Monday, according to an e-mail sent to parents.

There have been a total of 100 positive cases of COVID-19 including students and staff throughout the district since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, though not all of those cases are currently active.

At the Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade levels, masking protocols have been reinstated for an entire class when a person in a class reports a positive case in that classroom and will remain in place for 10 school days following the announcement of an active case in those grades.

This means all staff members and students in a class with an active case will be requested to wear a mask for 10 school days after a case has been announced in that class or until the mask protocols can be safely lifted.

Masking protocols at the two Corsicana Middle Schools and Corsicana High School will be reinstated when the percentage of active cases, including a combination of students and staff, reaches 1.5% of a population of that campus, meaning a combination of 15 positive cases at the Corsicana Middle School. The same 1.5% threshold, or 31 positive cases, will be the marker for mask protocols at Corsicana High School.

CISD plans to reinstate the COVID-19 dashboard this week, showing active cases at each campus, and will continue to notify impacted staff and families of students via email.

“Our Tiger staff, students and parents can help prepare for these new changes by carrying masks with you or leaving them at work and school in the event they are needed,” the district stated.

The district also has a supply of masks readily available for use should you forget or not have one of your own to use.

“We are actively working with our administration to closely monitor active cases and have concerns that if we didn’t do something to help prevent spread of the virus, we will be forced to shut down the schools and send students home,” said Leah Blackard Corsicana School Board President, via a press release.

“We took action Monday to help ensure that students and staff can safely keep attending school, which remains our overall goal,” she stated.

The Board also took the step of approving five days of additional COVID-19 related leave for staff who need to quarantine because of close contact or infection.

Students and staff may return to campus after seven days if they test negative with a PCR test on day five. If they don’t take a PCR test, they must wait the entire 10 days before returning to campus.

The Centers for Disease Control confirm that the vaccines help people avoid or lessen the impact of the Delta variant. In turn, wearing masks helps reduce your risk to exposure and the risk that the virus will be spread to others.

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