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Timely attention to your child’s health, especially in the midst of COVID-19, is essential for his or her appropriate development and long-term wellness. While children do not appear to be as vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, maintaining good health can minimize their risk for infection. The providers at Navarro Pediatrics are there to help you as your children grow.

Annual well-visits track whether your child is growing and developing appropriately at every stage, whether a newborn, infant, child or adolescent. A comprehensive assessment through screenings, a complete physical exam, vaccines and laboratory testing can help determine if your child is meeting milestones in language, development and physical growth, and it is an opportunity to talk with the pediatrician about anything from medicines and illnesses to injuries and behavior issues.

“Each child develops differently; annual health visits help to identify medical or behavioral conditions early on, keeps immunizations up to date and gives parents and clinicians the opportunity to discuss proper nutrition, sleep, and track growth and development,” said Dr. Amber Johnston, pediatrician at Navarro Pediatrics.

Regular doctor visits over time can keep your child current on immunizations and help with early identification of issues such jaundice or eye problems, anemia or diabetes. Pediatricians can treat routine infections or injuries and help with adolescent health concerns such as menstrual care and depression screening.

Practices have adopted numerous precautions to keep you and your children safe in the time of COVID-19. These include scheduling well-visits in the morning and ill visits for the afternoon, so that thorough cleaning can done after sick visits, masking of all patients, parents and providers, enhanced cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, checking temperature of all clinic visitors, screening clinic staff multiple times during the shift, and asking that that only one parent and the patient come in.

While Navarro Pediatrics is open and seeing patients in the office by appointment, virtual visits are also offered. Virtual visits are appropriate for some conditions, such as rashes, pink eye and mental health services. Some elements of a well exam can be provided virtually, but telehealth visits should be followed up with a timely in-person visit. The clinical team can also answer some questions over the phone if a parent needs medical advice for their child.

Pediatricians understand that parents are scared and they remain available to help you, particularly in this time. The practice is committed to the health and well-being of its patients and their families and following all recommended steps to keep you and your children safe.

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