Navarro County reported 28 new cases of COVID-19 and 89 recoveries Monday, June 22. The Corsicana-Navarro County Public Health Department reported that of the county's 148 cases, 55 are currently considered active.

Six patients are currently hospitalized and there are eight probable cases. To date, four related deaths have been reported.

According to the health department, Monday's report represents the highest case increase to date in Navarro County. Additional testing sites are being scheduled now.

Cases have been confirmed throughout the county, located in and around Corsicana, Angus, Barry, Blooming Grove, Dawson, Emhouse, Frost, Rice, Richland, Kerens, Purdon, Powell, and Streetman.

The health department will now list additional information in daily reporting. Each case will provide information including age, sex, location, and any important details.

Included in Monday's report were the following statistics:

New confirmed cases:

• 20 y/old PI/F – Corsicana

• 59 y/old H/F – Corsicana

• 21 y/old W/F – Corsicana

• 40 y/old B/F – Corsicana

• 3 y/old W/M – Corsicana

• 38 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 28 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 49 y/old B/M - Dawson

• 17 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 30 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 16 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 48 y/old H/M – Rice

• 12 y/old H/M – Rice

• 42 y/old H/F – Corsicana

• 11 y/old H/F – Corsicana

• 19 y/old H/F – Corsicana

• 12 y/old H/M – Rice

• 21 y/old H/M – Rice

• 21 B/M – Corsicana

• 59 y/old H/F – Frost

• 35 y/old W/M – Corsicana

• 23 y/old W/F – Corsicana

• 54 y/old W/F – Corsicana

• 52 y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 23 y/old W/F – Corsicana

• 9 month old H/M – Frost

• 21y/old H/M – Corsicana

• 51 y/old W/F – Corsicana

New probable case:

• 47 y/old H/F - Streetman

For individuals tested positive for the virus outside of Navarro County, please contact the Corsicana-Navarro County Public Health Department at 903-874-6731 upon notification.

Navarro County has reported a weekly record high 33 cases since Monday, June 15. Health officials are continually monitoring conditions locally, regionally, statewide and at the national level.

City and county leaders continue to research additional steps to help stop the spread. Residents are urged to practice social distancing guidelines, especially in large retail stores. Also, if you have an employee who is sick, please ask them to stay home.

County stakeholders continue to meet daily to discuss current conditions, unmet needs, and operational procedures for every sector.

More information can be found online on the Navarro County COVID-19 page at

Governor Abbott Announces Phase 3 to Open Texas - June 3, 2020…/governor-abbott-announces-phase-iii…

For Statewide case numbers, visit:

For National case numbers, visit:

National COVID-19 Landing Page

Essential Employees and Sectors to remain working:


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