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Editor's Note: The Corsicana and Navarro County Chamber of Commerce and Oil City Iron Works hosted their annual State of the County address in March, giving the Navarro County Commissioners Court a chance to inform residents of the duties of each county office and share some important numbers. The Commissioners Court recently provided the Corsicana Daily Sun with this summary of its talking points.

The Navarro County government is comprised of approximately 43 departments, each of which have their own budget to oversee. The Commissioners Court oversees the budget for all of the departments and the day to day operations of the county and most department heads are elected officials.

The General Fund is the chief operating fund of Navarro County. At the end of the current fiscal year, the unassigned fund balance of the general fund was $5,550,421, while the total fund balance reached $8,347,465. The fund balance of the county's general fund decreased $106,683 during the current fiscal year. Key factors in this decline include an increase in expenditures due to the additional renovations needed to accommodate county facilities, the Douglass building, mail room and additional work around the courthouse. Considering all of the unfunded mandates that the state of Texas requires us to follow, we are in good shape financially.

We have purchased new property to add to the growing need for space in county government, the extra lots for parking, and the 13,000 square foot Northrop-Grumman building for future expansion to end the rent game for the county. We are planning for growth of the county so future generations will benefit from our decisions today.

We also donate to numerous public service groups throughout the county that aid and assists the citizens of Navarro county.

Navarro County Sheriff's Department and Justice Center - Sheriff Elmer Tanner

Average population of the jail 254, up 19 from last year (236)

Number of calls - 36,491 up 12,300 from last year (24,191)

Value of drugs seized- $3,222,643, up from last years total $1,658,560

Transports- total for all prisoners, 890, up from 851 last year

Civil papers served- 3667, up from 2843 last year

Planning and Development

1.New Subdivisions created: 5

2. Re-plats within RC Zoning Area: 22

3.Re-plats outside Zoning Area: 16

4.Building Permits within RC Zoning Area: 60

5.Development Permits: 143

Navarro County

Court System

Total cases on docket, 2,074, up from 1,898 last year.

Total cases disposed, 1,140 up from 1,011 last year.

Total jury pool cases 11... this does not include county court or JP

courts. County Court has disposed of 1,939 cases this year with 2,296

new cases added this year and 1,123 pending cases.

Justice of the Peace Courts

Elected JP's are: Pct. 1 Judge Greta Jordan, Pct. 2 Judge Darrell

Waller Pct. 3 Jackie Freeland and Pct. 4 Connie Hickman

The Justice of the Peace presides over the justice court in cases involving misdemeanors, small civil disputes, landlord/tenant disputes and more. They also conduct inquests and may perform marriage ceremonies. Also magistrates persons arrested by county sheriff dept or other agencies such as Corsicana Police Department, state troopers and other city agencies around the county.

Economic Development

John Boswell works in conjunction with the City of Corsicana and the county. This department manages growth in economic development. It also promotes Navarro county to business owners, site selection consultants, developers , realtors, facility managers and property owners.

Navarro County Extension Service -

Page Bishop\Kari Davis

A unique education agency, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service teaches Texans wherever they live, extending research-based knowledge to benefit their families and communities. Navarro County 4-H is focused is on youth development. Giving youths grades third through 12 opportunities to compete, learn, and most importantly have fun. Our enrollment in 4-H for the 2018-2019 year, is up from previous years to 232 active members. We have 13 clubs in the county and continue to grow. their Curriculum Enrichment program reaches over 3000 elementary students.

Treasurer's Office - Ryan Douglass and Jane McCollum

Every check that passes from the Courthouse passes through this office. They handle payroll, accounts payable and every check that leaves the courthouse. If you have received a check from the county

for any service, it came through this office.

District and County Clerks - Josh Tackett and Sherrie Dowd.

The district clerk performs the duties assigned by the Texas Constitution as registrar, recorder

and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments and papers that are part of any legal cause of action in the district courts. Historical document restoration and preservation also is a part of their duties. We have documents dating back to the mid 1800’s.

Human Resources-

Julie Wright

Core functions of the HR department commonly include employee recruitment, scheduling, benefits administration, internal relations, employee training,compliance and safety. Core HR is sometimes used to mean these basic HR responsibilities in human capital


County Auditor -

Terri Gillen

The auditor serves as a check on the financial operations of other county offices and has certain financial accounting and record-keeping responsibilities, as well as certain duties related to the

operation of improvement districts. This department is pretty much the heart of the county governments finances.


Pct. 1 Mike Davis, Pct. 2 David Foreman, Pct. 3 Bobby Rachel, Pct. 4 Kipp Thomas

Our county constables in Texas has the following duties: Serves as a licensed peace officer and performs various law enforcement functions. Serves warrants and civil papers such as subpoenas and temporary restraining orders. Serves as bailiff for Justice of the Peace Court. They each have a deputy Constable to assist them with their duties. The responsibilities in this office are growing every year.

Adult and juvenile

probation -Chris Aldama, Melanie Hyder

The Navarro County Juvenile Probation Department provides supervision for approximately 65 youth. A juvenile probation officer's caseload does vary. The youth that are on supervision are youth that have been referred by a law enforcement agency for breaking the law. There are three certified juvenile probation officers that are employed by the Navarro County Juvenile Probation Department.

Adult Probation

They provide supervision for approximately 1,200 people in our County. As well as approx 400 offenders transferred out to other counties. We supervise all Felony and Class A and B Misdemeanor cases. We have two specialized caseloads. One supervises only Sex Offenders (approx 35 on

that caseload) and the other is a caseload of offenders who have substance abuse issues

(approx 35 on that caseload). All offenders report in person. They also do home visits and work visits.

They have the option of using GPS Ankle Monitoring to track offenders. As well as

polygraphs to monitor compliance (for sex offender cases only). The goal is to never have our probationers return to our office so we do our best to get them involved in the needed counseling, programs and any other resource that will help

each person.

Navarro County Tax Assessor\Collector- Mike Dowd

● Calculates property tax rates for the county

● Collects property taxes for the county

● May collect taxes for cities, schools and other local taxing entities

● Processes motor vehicle title transfers

● Issues motor vehicle registration and licenses

● May process boat titles and registrations

● Collects various other fees for the state and county

● This office does not set the tax rate or do any appraising of property values and the Navarro County Appraisal District does not work for Navarro County.

Navarro County District Attorney - William Dixon

Generally, the duties of a district attorney are to manage the prosecutor's office, investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and file criminal charges or bring evidence before the Grand Jury.

● Represents the state in prosecuting misdemeanor criminal cases

● Works with law enforcement officers in the investigation of criminal cases

● Provides legal advice to the Commissioners Court and to other elected


● Brings civil enforcement actions on behalf of the state or county

Navarro County Commissioners

Pct. 1, Jason Grant-Pct. 2 Eddie Perry-Pct. 3 Eddie Moore and Pct 4. James Olsen.- In a county commission form of government, a body of elected commissioners serves both the executive and the legislative duties, meaning they enact local ordinances and administer them. They approve budgets, oversee spending and hire county employees.

The commission usually consists of three to five officials.

A county commissioner in Texas has the following duties: As a member of the commissioners court, exercises broad policy-making authority. Represents one of four precincts within the county. Typically responsible for building and maintaining county roads and bridges within the precinct. We maintain approximately 1,200 miles of improved roads across the county. That speaks volumes considering our workforce and budgets.

When you see one of our precinct crews working on one of the many roads we have, please

be courteous and slow down for theirs and your protection.

Veterans Services -

Tim Easley

The mission of the Texas Veterans Commission is to advocate for and provide superior service to veterans that will significantly improve the quality of life for all Texas veterans, their families, and survivors. This is a part time position and he handles all veterans requests throughout the county.

Navarro County Emergency Management -

Eric Meyers

The Navarro County Office of Emergency Management is a unique agency that serves Navarro County and most all of the incorporated jurisdictions in Navarro County. Under Federal and State regulations, the Directors of the Emergency Management Program are our chief elected officials: our County Judge and our Mayors throughout the county. Your Emergency Management Coordinator oversees the daily operations of the emergency management program . You might have guessed that the OEM works closely with the Fire Department, Police Department, Sheriff’s Office and other city and county agencies. But the OEM’s network goes far beyond that. The OEM partners with many other agencies such as the CERT, American Red Cross, Navarro County Volunteer Fire Departments, the Amateur Radio Club, the Salvation Army, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the National Weather Service, local aviation groups, local volunteer groups, our local hospital and clinic, and Independent School Districts to make our community as disaster resistant as we can be. The Office of Emergency Management focuses on several key areas to help our city and county be prepared for any disaster.

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