Imagine watching a sunset, sipping a favorite glass of wine on the patio, enjoying the beautiful scenery overlooking a vineyard.

One that is in the back yard, so-to-speak.

Introducing Angelita Vineyard and Winery located at 254 Shady Creek Lane in Angus.

Owners Beverly and Rodney Spahn hatched the plan for the business over a glass of wine at sunset. The name is a tribute to Rodney’s mother, Angelita, who passed away from cancer the month they began planting. An avid gardener, she had been looking forward to helping the family in the vineyard.

Like a glass of cabernet and a black pepper steak, the venture paired Rodney’s desire to do something different with their land and Beverly’s strong entrepreneurial drive.

“I had a business when I was 19, and I always wanted another home-based business, I just never knew what it was going to be,” Beverly said. “After learning more about the industry, that’s when I said I really would like to have a winery.”

And the couple did their homework before diving into the project.

“My husband did the research on how to grow the grapes and which kinds to grow,” she said. “He did call the Texas Department of Agriculture and asked what they recommended would grow well in this area. They made recommendations of 3 different kinds of grapes so we chose the blanc du bois. Not only because it’s heat resistant, drought resistant, and disease resistant, but because I liked white wine. That’s why we picked it.”

The couple started with 200 plants.

“We started with the plants and during that time I had been out of work with a shoulder injury— I had just had shoulder surgery,” Beverly said. “So when we were doing those first 200 plants, every plant that I planted was physical therapy for me. There is a lot of love put into each plant, especially these first few ones that we planted.”

In order to prepare for the plants, the couple had to amend their mostly clay-based soil. Drilling each hole with an auger six-feet deep, they backfilled and added compost and topsoil. The soil drains well, but the clay also holds moisture, which helps the plants during spells of hot, dry weather.

Last year’s rains caused considerable trouble with the crops.

“We had so much moisture that we couldn’t stay on top of the spray schedule and we got a fungus and lost 90 percent of our grapes,” she said. This year’s grapes should be ready in July and they are hoping for a record-producing year.

So far, the couple has had great success since opening for business on July 19, 2014. They enjoy a following by local regulars and two of the wines they produce on site have won awards in the 2014 and 2015 International Lone Star Wine Competition.

Other guests of the winery include travelers, finding the location en route to another place, and wine enthusiasts, willing to travel in order to enjoy fine wine.

Recent guest, Madison Maschak, found the winery on her way back from Dallas and called it a “gem.”

They have also been featured in’s article,12 Hours in Corsicana, where they got the following recommendation —

“Angelita Vineyard and Winery is a rare treat – a vineyard and winery in the small Texas town of Angus, just two miles to the south of Corsicana. Hosting regular wine tastings, as well as selling individual glasses and appetizers, Angelita is the perfect place to kick back and watch the sun set.”


Break-out box:

The winery is open Monday through Wednesday by appointment only, Thursday from noon to 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday from noon to 8 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

They offer wine tastings, and special events such as live music, wedding showers, private dinners, weddings, anniversaries, and even Mother’s Day brunch. For an up-to-date list of current events, follow the Angelita Vineyard and Winery facebook page.

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