Ever notice how a certain item, or a specific smell, can bring memories of Grandma’s house flooding through your mind?

Old Lumberyard Food and Finds is a place that does that for many who step inside its doors. With three ladies whose “picking” rivals Frank and Mike on American Pickers, there are treasures and finds galore in this store.

Located at 120 W. Third Ave., (next to the Remington) the Old Lumberyard is open Monday — Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Mimosas at the Market with host Old Lumberyard Food and Finds

Saturday, July 14

120 W. Third Ave.

Vendor market, live music, food and beverages


“We used the name because it was a lumberyard in 1912, before it was a car place,” said Emily Lawhon, one of the three owner/partners.

She is joined by Heidi Carmichael, who loves picking every bit as much as Emily, and Suzanne Plyer, herself a pretty good junk finder, as well as a caterer. Thyme and Elegance Catering is Plyer’s other business, but the Old Lumberyard is a great place to stop and pick up a health alternative for lunch or dinner on the way home. She has different specials each day, so follow the Old Lumberyard on Facebook or Instagram to see what specials are, or call them at 903-875-4652.

“I am a picker/junker/vintage hunter,” said Carmichael. “My whole life, I always loved antiques, vintage and repurposed items. I love going and digging around barns and flea markets — the rustier the better.”

Old Lumberyard has the largest Pyrex collection around, with both Carmichael and Lawhon being passionate Pyrex enthusiasts. Also, Emily’s husband, Colt Lawhon, loves to repurpose furniture, build custom pieces, and refinishes items, turning trash into treasure. Since the inventory is constantly changing, it should be a regular stop, not just a one-time look.

“We have lots of architectural items,” Plyer said. “In the form of doors, windows, newel posts, stained glass.”

“We have a wedding registry as well,” said Carmichael. “If you’re a vintage lover, come pick what you want and we set it up in a display. We will make a tea towel with the couple’s names on it. All our tea towels sold right now benefit Relay for Life with their proceeds.”

Would they describe it as a sort of local Magnolia/Joanna Gaines-type place?

“Joanna Gaines would come in and buy something out of our shop that would be an accent piece, or fireplace mantel, or unique piece of furniture, — but none of our stuff is mass-produced, it’s all original,” Plyer said.

“We don’t tell each other where we pick, because then we would fight too much over the finds!” Lawhon said.

All three women said their mothers took them garage saling when they were young, and that’s where they learned about antiques and “cool old stuff.” Emily has been known to pick off the side of the road, and she is not above dumpster-diving either.

Old Lumberyard will be host for Mimosas at the Market Saturday, July 14. They will have a vendor market, live music by London Lawhon and Stan Lawhon, and food and beverages. Stop by and see what all there is going on at this unique new spot in the downtown landscape.

The ladies agree that one reason they buy many of the things they do is because they trigger memories of something from childhood.

“I’d like to go back to those simpler times,” Lawhon said. “Our store takes us back to simpler times.”



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