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Navarro County property appraisals could be described as a productive economy driven by pipeline productivity for 2020, according to Navarro Central Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Karen Morris.

“Certified values were distributed to all 31 taxing entities on Monday, July 27, 2020 by this office,” she said.

“Highlights this year included industrial improvements, as well as increases in land values, homes, commercial buildings, personal property and commercial vehicles for 2020 increased to $4,376,558,883 compared to 2019 taxable value of $4,014,465,368. The average taxable homestead value is $127,649 in Navarro County.

We reviewed each account in the mineral, utilities, pipelines, and industrial accounts as well as real, commercial, and personal accounts. The completion of the Grand Prix Pipeline brought significant value to the county and college as well as Blooming Grove ISD, Frost ISD, Dawson ISD, Corsicana ISD, and Wortham ISD. Significant value for the county and college, Kerens ISD, and Corsicana ISD come from Seaway Pipeline as well.”

Mrs. Morris said that there were 248 new single-family homes across the county for 2020. There are 224 new mobile homes for the county for 2020. We had continued growth on Richland Chambers Lake.

She said industrial growth continued with the completion of improvements for Polyguard. A substantial increase in sales for the entire county for residential homes, vacant lots, as well as acreage contributed. Corsicana added the completion of additional lofts in the downtown Corsicana area, Dollar General on Beaton, the renovation of the Navarro Central Appraisal District building on 45th St., Starbucks at 287 & 45, Waffle House at US Hwy 287, Tamez Daycare at US Hwy 287 in Mildred, Prairie Petfood at SE McKinney St. in Rice, Little Town Enterprises in Rice, and RP Construction Services Solar Panels in Kerens.

“At last count, Navarro Central Appraisal District has 48,787 active accounts that we manage,” Mrs. Morris stated.

In conclusion, she emphasized that each year the District begins in August, the work of reviewing all properties in the Reappraisal Plan (3-year rotation basis), along with adding all new construction. Navarro CAD reviews all sales information specific to Navarro County and analyzes statistical data using the methodology. Pipelines and utilities increased value substantially. The Texas Property Tax Code requires that all properties be appraised at 100% of market value.

The top ten taxpayers for Navarro County are listed below as well as a comparison for certified values for the 2020 year are: Seaway Crude Pipeline LP, Oncor Electric Delivery Co LLC, Guardian Industries LLC, Grand Prix Pipeline LLC, Magellan Pipeline Co LP, Pactiv Foam, Permian Express, Russell Stover Chocolates LLC, Championx LLC, and Energy Transfer Fuel LP.

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