Beginning Monday, Nov. 15, childcare workers, who usually have their hands full, will have someone looking after them for a short while. During the week of Nov.16, the Navarro County Early Childhood Coalition will celebrate childcare workers by providing them with “goody bags” and boxed lunches. The Honorable H.M. Davenport will issue a proclamation for Childcare Professionals Appreciation Week.

The Coalition also plans a free training on developmental milestones, with one Continuing Education hour for childcare staff, presented on Tuesday evening by Faith Rivera of Help Me Grow North Texas. To register, call the Coalition’s co-chair, Rachel Gillespie of Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services, at 903-229-4853 or email her at

“On Monday we will have a crafting event on Facebook Live, and later in the week there’s a drawing for prizes,” Gillespie stated, “There are almost 200 childcare workers in the County and we want to thank them for always improving children’s safety, health and school readiness.”

The Navarro County Early Childhood Coalition holds monthly meetings virtually for teachers, school counselors, childcare workers, nonprofit employees and local officials. More information about the Coalition is available at

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