Corsicana will soon be the location of a new manufacturing facility for an aluminum producer and metals processor, Audubon Metals, LLC. The announcement of the 100 jobs and $50 million capital investment was made at Tuesday’s economic development meeting.

Audubon Metals Texas, LLC in Corsicana will serve as a secondary location for the company based in Henderson, Kentucky where the company has been in operation for more than 20 years from a single site facility. Audubon is owned by Koch Enterprises, Inc. headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.

“Audubon offers a critical step in the recycling of metals to be re-used in the manufacturing of new products,” said Brian Hawkes, company president.

The unique process utilizes automotive shedder residue, known as “Zorba” to produce secondary aluminum alloys for the manufacture of die castings, in compliance with all federal state and local environmental regulations.

“With the production facility in Corsicana, we will be better positioned to serve our existing customers and to expand into additional markets,” Hawkes said.

“The chosen site, a 95-acre rail served parcel in the Highway 31 Industrial Park is perfectly situated to bring in raw materials and ship out finished goods,” he said.

The permit application process should be completed in the coming weeks and facility construction will soon follow. Operations are expected to begin in early 2021.

“Audubon was very thorough in their search,” stated Mayor Don Denbow. “I am pleased they have found a good business partner in Corsicana. They will join a great lineup of companies that have recognized that Corsicana is a great place to do business.”

Jimmy Garren, Audubon’s Vice President of Business Development said he believes Audubon will be a partner in this community.

“We are excited about this community and growing together,” he said.

The decision to locate in Corsicana was made after an exhaustive process including two years of due diligence, multiple site visits, conference calls and 300 emails.

Economic Development Director John Boswell said attracting the new business was a county-wide effort and he could not have secured it without the teamwork of the city, county, school and college boards.

The City, Navarro County, and Navarro College will incentivize the project using a tax abatement formula. In addition to the local and state support from a competitive financial incentive package, the availability of the federal New Markets Tax Credit Program weighed heavily as a determining factor in Audubon choosing the Corsicana community.

Corsicana City Manager Connie Standridge said the business deal has been years in the making and Corsicana was first considered when the plant manager visited last Christmas and commented on the quality of life downtown.

“This addition to our community is important in many ways,” she said. “This project will create an infrastructure in the business park, which was created in 2007, and provide more rail-served properties for expansion."

Corsicana’s business friendly environment, logistical advantages and workforce development opportunities were also cited as reasons Corsicana was selected from the 52 potential sites which were considered.

“We are open to looking at the skills Audubon needs and preparing our students to fill those jobs,” said Dr. Diane Frost, Corsicana Independent School District Superintendent. “As we know more about what these jobs look like we will help to prepare the work force.”

Navarro College President Dr. Kevin Fegan agreed. “Community colleges were founded to address the workforce needs in the communities they serve,” he said.

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