Corsicana locals got a chance to try some free treats and be in a commercial for Collin Street Bakery Monday at its Interstate Highway 45 location.

Eager visitors lined up for a sample of the bakery's specialty fruitcakes from the online store while sharing their favorite Collin Street memories on camera.

Thomas McNutt, Vice President of Collin Street Bakery, greeted guests at the start of the shoot.

While the majority of the commercial participants were local, there were a few out of town contributions, such as Paul Hicks from Fort Worth, who was visiting family and thought it would be fun to take part in the commercial.

After signing in and filling out a waiver, guests got to choose a fruitcake flavor and then had their reactions to the dessert filmed.

Those involved with the commercial got to sample flavors like original, chocolate covered DeLuxe, apricot, pineapple, and the bakery's newest flavor, cherry fudge, which will be available in stores this December.

Guests then spoke to the filmmakers about what they thought of their sample in a series of brief interviews.

McNutt also spoke with the participants after their taste test, asking them what they liked about the unique varieties of flavors, and having them share their favorite Collin Street Bakery memories.

The individual shoots took an average of 10 minutes per guest, culminating with being able to choose a small fruitcake sampler or a Collin Street Bakery gift certificate for their involvement.

"It was a great day for Collin Street Bakery and Corsicana," McNutt said. "We really appreciate all the members of the community who came out to support the bakery."

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